Chinese Tech Giants Test the Metaverse for the World Cup

China is elevating the FIFA World Cup experience to new heights with two major streaming services. Given that, Migu is a division of China Mobile, the country's largest mobile carrier. Douyin is a popular short video-sharing site like TikTok.

Nov 22, 2022
by Anvi Saini
Chinese Tech Giants Test the Metaverse for the World Cup

China is entering the metaverse with Migu and Douyin. Live streaming of World Cup 2022 matches through the metaverse has been announced by Migu and Douyin.

The metaverse is a 3D virtual realm where individuals may engage immersively via

  • virtual games, 
  • concerts, and 
  • other experience events such as live football match streaming.

Details of the Licensing Agreement 

To begin, Zdouyin and Migu have sub-licensing agreements to live stream on-demand coverage of the event in Qatar. Also, they co-share online content with China Media Group, the state-owned broadcaster.

Even though the 2022 World Cup has emerged as one of the most contentious global events this year, there is no ignoring the chance for media businesses to strive to enhance their visitor statistics.

The metaverse-like streaming services provided by Douyin and Migu are powered by virtual reality (VR) and 5G internet. The two internet-based organizations want to increase traffic during the event while utilizing it as a stepping stone in developing greater metaverse experiences.

Moreover, the corporations allegedly paid a significant fee for the rights to broadcast the World Cup. In addition, four more providers have been given the authorization to broadcast the FIFA Worldcup in mainland China.

Migu's quest to live stream the Qatar World Cup in the metaverse began in July, when the company's chief content officer, Gan Yuqing, announced the establishment of a world-first virtual interactive venue to watch the tournament.

Furthermore, Migu claimed in a Weibo post announcing the metaverse-based FIFA World Cup streaming service that it would host a "Metaverse World Cup Music Festival" with a surprise guest from the future (2070).

Douyin, on the other hand, used a more subtle phrase, "Watch the World Cup live broadcast on Douyin," according to a post on the company's official Weibo account. Football (soccer) is a well-known game worldwide, and the FIFA World Cup is the most prestigious competition.

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