Christina Aguilera Files Web3 Trademarks Claiming Plans for Virtual Concerts and NFTs

Notably, the American singer-songwriter is looking to offer NFTs, crypto collectibles, and virtual concerts down the line.

Sep 23, 2022
by Akira Ming
Christina Aguilera Files Web3 Trademarks Claiming Plans for Virtual Concerts and NFTs

Christina Aguilera is the latest superstar to enter Web3

Guess what? American pop diva Christina Aguilera has submitted NFT and metaverse trademark filings, claiming plans for virtual concerts, NFTs, and more. 

According to trademark attorney Mike Kondoudis, these applications were filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) by Three Wishes IP LLC on September 16th. 

Here's a list of goods and services covered under the applications: 

  • NFTs;
  • Crypto collectibles;
  • Downloadable virtual goods, namely art, avatars, clothing, jewelry, and other merchandise; 
  • Entertainment services, such as musical performances, music concerts, and virtual appearances in the metaverse; and 
  • Online, non-downloadable games in the metaverse and other virtual environments. 

If the applications get approved, it will mark Aguilera's first notable venture into Web3. So far, the singer has not revealed anything about her future undertakings in this space.

Aguilera in the business field

With her four-octave vocal range, Christina Aguilera is well known for singing hits that showcase powerful vocals and lyrics. But do you know that the singer is a keen businesswoman as well? 

Over the years, the pop star has made millions through her brand endorsements for famous companies. She actively advertises for Skechers, MAC Cosmetics, and Pepsi brands. In 2004, she even launched her perfume line with Expose, which became the top perfume in the UK and Germany. Her product is sold under Proctor & Gamble and has launched over 19 different products since then. 

With Christina Aguilera now having her eyes on Web3, many can't help but wonder what exciting ventures the superstar will take on next. 

As NFTs and metaverse continue to be widely discussed, more and more brands and individuals are looking to capitalize on this growing ecosystem. Last month, multiple celebs and companies in the music industry were seen making moves into Web3. 

For instance, Miley Cyrus registered her names as trademarks, signaling plans for virtual currency and entertainment services. Earlier, Universal Music Group's Republic Records filed for several trademarks covering the issuance of music NFTs. 

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