Clan Wars are Now Live with NFT Staking in Mini Royale: Nations

Starting from August 3rd, Mini Royale players can stake their NFTs to earn Economic Points during Clan Wars.

Aug 6, 2022
by Akira Ming
Clan Wars are Now Live with NFT Staking in Mini Royale: Nations

Stake your NFTs before going for a Clan War in Mini Royale: Nations

In Mini Royale: Nations, players take part in Clan Wars every week to win rare prizes and items. To spice things up, the game now allows players to stake their NFT Heroes and Weapons to earn Economic Points. These points will help boost their Clans' position on the leaderboard during the event. 

To begin with, a Clan War will go live every few weeks in Mini Royale: Nations, allowing thousands of clans worldwide to fight for glory. During this time, clan members will carry out different activities, contributing Military and Economic Points to their clans. In the end, clans that manage to advance on the leaderboard will receive event-exclusive prizes. 

To join Clan Wars, you must first be in a clan for at least 7 days and donate Enriched Orbs (eOrbs) to the Clan Treasury. With enough eOrbs, your clan can start a raid attempt, which has an 8-hour time limit with an associated difficulty level. Upon successful raid, your clan will receive Military Points before taking its spot on the Clan War Tiered Leaderboard. 

As a bonus, clan members can stake their NFT Heroes and Weapons to gain Economic Points for their clans. They can also earn more rewards by using special skins below to complete their missions: 

  • 200% bonus for S1 Character
  • 200% bonus for S1 Weapon
  • 400% bonus for Perk 1: Fast Hands
  • 100% bonus for Weapon Condition: Factory New
  • 200% bonus for Alliance to The Underground

By the end of it, clans on the Clan War Tiered Leaderboard will receive special prizes such as skins, BP points, and $BUTTER. Just so you know, $BUTTER is the off-chain version of $CHEDDAR, an on-chain token with infinite supply in the Mini Royale ecosystem. 

Back in July, Mini Royale: Nations kicked off Season 3: Hyperdrive with new looks and upgraded weapons. Since then, more players have been drawn to try out the immersive FPS running on Solana. 

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