Colonize Mars Introduces Key Resources to Living of the Land

Colonize Mars recently launched key resources for its "Living of the land." The Living of the land will feature resources like Mine for water, Grow essential food, Live off the land, and Collect essential meteorological data.

Oct 9, 2022
by Anvi Saini
Colonize Mars Introduces Key Resources to Living of the Land

Mission Four unlocks critical resources for living on Mars::Drop 2. Missions 1, 2, 3, and 4.1 have already been released, and this newest update (4.2) brings new NFTs and upgrades for players to enjoy in the UI and Minigame.

New Non-Fungible Tokens 

A total of five news NFTs were launched on the platforms :

  • Male Geologist
  • Weather Outpost
  • Female Geologist
  • Greenhouse
  • Ice Mining Plant

There is a total of 2 million collection strength in basic NFTs for the aforementioned new item kinds. Additionally, a total of 25 new Ownership and Sponsorship cards, 5 for NFT staking prizes, and 5 for each storage pool are also included. These are significant additions to the water, food, and logistics resource chain needs.

What are the benefits of Living of the land?

Expedition Minigame 

  • Improved experience claiming previously unclaimed materials.
  • Resolves difficulties for players disconnected or expelled from the game server before collecting earned resources.

Additional Information

  • Minted patches for the ACK community and the M4 whitelist's four tiers
  • The ranking now includes Mission 4 undiscovered cards.
  • Ownership cards for Mission 4 
  • Added new Gallery views per product
  • "NEW" label to the purchase summary modal to encourage user input.
  • The pool odds now include a "NEW" label for more significant user input.

Purpose of the Upgrade

The Living of the land upgrade aims to accurately and aesthetically communicate the tale of constructing a self-sustaining civilization on Mars so that more people are encouraged to become pioneers and explorers of the last frontier.

Colonize Mars is developing a blockchain-based simulator in which players may help expand a modest colony on Mars into a self-sustaining metropolis and then ultimately construct small outposts of their own.

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