Continuum World to Launch Special Christmas Rewards

Continuum World recently announced that this Christmas season, they are coming up with several rewards for players.

Dec 12, 2022
by Anvi Saini
Continuum World to Launch Special Christmas Rewards

These temporary and exclusive rewards will be available between December to mid-January. For starting, rewards will include costumes, which are available in two types, a Santa costume and a Grinch costume.

As the most renowned Christmas figure, the Santa costume improves your drop while collecting natural elements. The Grinch costume will expand your vacuum absorption range. 

Besides costumes, Continuum World will also introduce clothing items and Christmas decorations. Clothing items will include both individual pieces collections and other full costumes. Continuum World is also coming up with Christmas jumpers. It will improve players' chances of receiving a critical drop, which will be higher or lower based on its rarity.

First Explorers: An Event by Continuum World 

Continuum World recently announced its first major event First Explorers. The event is focused on exploration, natural resource discovery, building construction, and mission completion. As a Free Play&Earn game, every sort of player can join the event with or without inversion. 

According to the Continuum World team, land ownership is advantageous but not obligatory for participation. The event's purpose is for participants to explore the game's map and gather resources to complete missions.


First Explorers missions involve three different resources and may be performed as many times as you like to get the reward. When a mission's rewards run out or expire, a new one will take its place. Every participant has access to 14 different missions at all times. 12 need resources from a single biome, whereas 2 incorporate resources from many biomes.

Mission completion grants various rewards, including UMi boxes, $UM, ranking points, and event-exclusive NFT products like apparel or decorations. As per Continuum World team, users can install decorations on their lands in the future to obtain important land perks.


Missions and mysterious icons may provide points that may be utilized toward the event's worldwide ranking. When the First Explorers event will get over, the best explorers will get awards depending on their points.

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