Crabada Releases Battle Game v2.0.1 Update

The Battle Game v2.0.1 update introduces Crabada Awakening, Transcendence, “To The Moon” and more.

Jan 12, 2023
by Dragan
Crabada Releases Battle Game v2.0.1 Update

As the Week 28 Arena Challenge chugs along, the Crabada team has now officially released the Battle Game v2.0.1 update. 

This latest update includes a variety of new features, such as the release of Crabada Awakening, “To The Moon”, Transcendence, Battle Potions, Inheritance Pearls, Pearls of Awakening and Pearls of Transcendence.

Crabada Awakening

The Crabada Awakening feature allows players to increase the base stats of their Crabada by 15%. This cannot be used multiple times on the same Crabada, only once for each Crabada. To use this Awakening mechanic, players need 10k $GUS, 2000 Inheritance Pearls that are the same class as the Crabada and 1 Pearl of Awakening. The Pearl of Awakening can be bought from the Arena Shop. Inheritance Pearls can be gained using the “To The Moon” feature.

“To The Moon”    

“To The Moon” is a burning mechanism where you get to send your Crabada to the Moon, basically burning it. Doing so is rewarded with 300 Inheritance Pearls per part. There are 8 types of Inheritance Pearls, each of which are supposed to match the 8 Crabada classes, meaning that if you burn a Crabada with 3 Prime parts, 2 Bulk parts and 1 Organic part, you’ll be awarded with 900 Pearls of Prime, 600 Pearls of Bulk and 300 Pearls of Organic. These Inheritance Pearls are needed for other things, such as using the Awakening feature, but also for Transcendence, for crafting Battle Potions and for leveling up transcended Crabadas.


Transcendence increases the maximum level cap of your Crabada by 5. You can transcend the same Crabada 5 times, but transcending one for the first time requires combining 2 Crabada of the same Crabada or Transcendence level, with both having a minimum of 3 parts that belong to the same class. The second Crabada is the one that will be burned. You also need 2000 Inheritance Pearls that are the same class as the first Crabada, but you also need 10k $GUS and 1 Pearl of Transcendence. As is the case with the Pearl of Awakening, the Pearl of Transcendence can also be purchased from the Arena Shop. Leveling up an already transcended Crabada requires 400 Inheritance Pearls of the same class and Crystal Shells.

Battle Potions

Battle Potions come in 8 different types, each providing a different 24-hour buff effect to your Crabada. A Crabada can only use 2 potions at the same time, and if you end up using a 3rd one, then the first potion will end up being replaced with the newly-consumed one. Some of the potions available include the Potion of Strength (+10% base HP), Potion of Dragonfang (+50% critical damage), Potion of Invulnerability (+10% DEF) and more. In order to craft a Battle Potion, you need 45 Inheritance Pearls, consisting of 9 Inheritance Pearls from 5 different classes.

For the full details on this large update, check out the official article here.

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