Crabada Shares Details on Week 22 Arena Challenge

Players will earn rewards depending on the AP requirements and reward structure.

Nov 28, 2022
by Michael
Crabada Shares Details on Week 22 Arena Challenge

Details of Arena Challenge 

Crabada has announced Week 22 Arena Challenge, which will run from November 28th to December 4th. This announcement contains the changes in game mechanics and the rules to make each challenge week peculiar and distinct. In the Arena Challenge, all Crabada can participate in battles during the week at a max of level 100. So they can fight at full strength. 

The Arena Tickets will be refilled once in two hours instead of four hours to a maximum of six Tickets. The game UI will show only 2 Crabada in the rival's lineup. The other Crabada will not be revealed. There is also a fractional revenge where each faction has advantages and disadvantages. 

In the Challenge, players will be split into three tiers depending on the amount of AP they gathered. In addition, APs will be deducted due to Arena defeat, which will be based on the deduction amount and the tier of the player. 

The tiers include

  • Copper Tier (AP < 1400)
  • Bronze Tier (AP >= 1400 and < 1600)
  • Silver Tier (AP >= 1600 and < 1800)
  •  Gold Tier (AP >= 1800 and < 2000)
  • Diamond Tier (AP >= 2000)

Rewards for Arena Challenge 

Players who meet the Arena Point requirements will earn rewards according to the reward structure. The top 10 players will get USDC, which will be sent directly to their wallets. The top 500 Arena players will get Rubies and Material Chests. Players outside the top 500 will get User EXP, while all the participants will get Crystal Shells. 

Players that are yet to claim equipment boxes from previous weeks of Arena must do so on time because they have expiring dates depending on the rarity of the equipment.

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