Crabada Unveils Items Sneak Peek, Gives Updates On Arena Rewards

Crabada has released a report of its upcoming items alongside the arena reward mechanism. The objective of this report is to update members of the fresh developments in the Crabada ecosystem.

Aug 7, 2022
by Michael
Crabada Unveils Items Sneak Peek, Gives Updates On  Arena Rewards

In recent updates, Crabada plans to introduce Forging and Equipable Items in the later part of the current quarter (Q3) and hopes to tap into a Material-Oriented Economy. Players will be able to acquire over 100 unique items through various modes of gameplay and Forging which would be tradeable on the marketplace in Q3 2022. 

Each item has unique stats and attributes based on the item’s rarity and can be equipped to give your Crabada a claw-some boost of battle prowess. These items will come in 4 tiers of rarity : Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary. More details about these items will be unveiled soon.

New Arena Rewards will be introduced starting from the 6th week of Arena Mode (dated on the 8th August 2022), the top 100 players on the Weekly Leaderboards will start receiving Item Boxes as a part of their Weekly Rewards. There is no UI/display for Item Boxes or Items in-game. The rewards will be recorded based on the player’s Weekly Leaderboard ranking, these rewards will be distributed later in this quarter. 

Participants of the Arena Battles will have a maximum of level 50 in order to improve matchmaking. Players who have attained Level 80 in the Arena will be resetted to Level 50. 

Upcoming Crabada Updates and Events

The team has tons of exciting news, announcements and events coming up. Interested players should stay glued  to the team’s social media channels. Events like Battle Bounty Campaign, Avalanche Hacks @ Korea Blockchain Week and Snake City Partnership will be coming up soon. 

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