Crazy Defense Heroes Introduces 2022 Halloween Invasion Event: Bored Ape Edition

10x Hero Points, Equipment game cards, and exclusive NFTs are some of the rewards on the table. Players can even redeem some Otherdeed NFTs if they accumulate enough Hero Points.

Oct 16, 2022
by Akira Ming
Crazy Defense Heroes Introduces 2022 Halloween Invasion Event: Bored Ape Edition

All about the Crazy Defense Heroes 2022 Halloween Invasion Event

In partnership with Yat Siu's BAYC #9730, Crazy Defense Heroes is set to kick off the 2022 Halloween Invasion Event in style. 

Starting from October 24th until November 6th, players with avatar levels meeting the requirements below can participate in the Invasion event. By hitting 3 Stars on all levels in any difficulties, players will receive game cards, Hero Points, and exclusive NFTs as rewards. 

  • Normal: Requires at least avatar level 12 to unlock. 
  • Hard: Requires at least avatar level 25 to unlock. 
  • Crazy: Requires at least avatar level 35 to unlock. 
  • Nightmare: Requires at least avatar level 70 to unlock. 

What are the prizes on the list?

If you manage to get 3 Stars on all 16 levels of any particular difficulty (Normal/Hard/Crazy/Nightmare), you will receive 1x BAYC-themed Equipment game card as below. The game card's rarity depends on which difficulty level you have completed. 

Once you've got a BAYC-themed Equipment game card, you will also receive 1x BAYC-themed Badge NFT in return. (See below)

But that's not all. As a token of appreciation, those who achieve 100% completion during the Invasion event will be given 10x Hero Points based on the breakdown below. Players who hold an extra amount of TOWER tokens and/or TOWER battle card NFTs will get even more Hero Points. 

What can we do with Hero Points then? According to Crazy Defense Heroes, players can use these points to redeem exclusive TOWER League items from the TOWER token web store

Some of these include 10 Otherdeed NFTs, which can be redeemed with 1.5 million Hero Points. The team will share more details about it in the future. 

Prize Eligibility

To receive their Invasion rewards, players must make sure they fulfill the following conditions before the end of the event:

  • Link their Web3 wallets with their Crazy Defense Heroes User IDs on the official website
  • Complete their Blockpass KYC verification here
  • Keep at least 1 TOWER Battle Card NFT or TOWER Ticket NFT in their linked wallets. 
  • Complete all 16 levels in at least one of the Invasion stages. 
  • Make sure their Crazy Defense Heroes User IDs are not banned in the system. Hint: Players are good if they can still join Clan Quests. 

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