Crazy Defense Heroes Introduces New NFT Rewards in July 2022

It's the 1st of July and Crazy Defense Heroes is giving out new NFT rewards to those who take part in the Daily Star Chest and XP Gain events. Let's take a look!

Jul 1, 2022
by Akira Ming
Crazy Defense Heroes Introduces New NFT Rewards in July 2022

Crazy Defense Heroes' Daily Star Chest NFT rewards in July 2022

To those who don't know, there are 2 ways to earn $TOWER tokens and NFT rewards in Crazy Defense Heroes (CDH). The first and easiest way is to open the Star Chest and perform check-ins on the CDH website every day. This time, aside from earning $TOWER tokens and TOWER map NFTs, players with full attendance in July will be rewarded with 2 new NFTs as well.  

  1. Perfect Attendance Badge NFT: Starting from July 2022, all you need to do is to check in every day without fail to get this NFT badge by month-end. According to Crazy Defense Heroes, players will get to showcase their badges in the upcoming TOWER blockchain game. So, keep an eye out for more details. 
  2. “The Crazo” NFT mint pass: For a start, The Crazo is an upcoming PFP NFT project by TOWER. In fact, holding one of these PFPs will grant you free CDH in-game items, an exclusive role in the TOWER Discord, and early access to new experiences. According to the team, each NFT mint pass will allow you to mint 1 Crazo during the presale. Thus, to get one of those passes, make sure you check in every day in July. After the 28th, each successful check-in will grant you 1 NFT mint pass. 

In short, below is an overview of the Daily Star Chest event rewards in July: 

Crazy Defense Heroes' XP Gain NFT Rewards in July 2022

Alternatively, you can earn $TOWER tokens and in-game NFTs through the XP gain event. Here, the challenge is that players will need to achieve a certain amount of XP (experience points) within the month to earn a share of the $TOWER prize pool. For this month, Crazy Defense Heroes has allocated 1,800,000 $TOWER tokens to the pool. 

What's more, starting from July 2022, the top 10% of players who gain the highest XP within each month will be rewarded with “Crazy Defense Heroes Elite Badge NFT”. Similar to the Perfect Attendance Badge NFT, owners will get to display them in the next TOWER blockchain game. 

To sum up, the reward pools for July and August are as shown below:

Have you KYC'ed? 

Lastly, players will need to complete the KYC verification latest by July 31st, 23:59 UTC. This is to ensure they can claim the rewards they earned from any Crazy Defense Heroes events in this month. To submit your KYC, just follow the instructions here

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