Crazy Defense Heroes Unveils Play-and-Earn Events from Dec'22 to Jan'23

The addictive tower defense game is back with its monthly play-and-earn campaigns. Read on to find out more.

Dec 30, 2022
by Akira Ming
Crazy Defense Heroes Unveils Play-and-Earn Events from Dec'22 to Jan'23

Get ready to play and earn with Crazy Defense Heroes in 2023

Crazy Defense Heroes (CDH), a tower defense game by Animoca Brands, is back with its monthly play-and-earn events. Aside from the usual XP gain and daily check-in rewards, players can also get a bonus for holding a number of Battle Card NFTs. 

Since September, only TOWER Battle Card and Ticket NFT holders can claim TOWER rewards from CDH's play-and-earn campaigns. All in-game events from December 2022 - January 2023 are listed as below:  

Avatar XP Gain Event: 

During the entire month, players who gain enough Avatar XP (Experience) will get to share one of the TOWER prize pools as below:  

  • Tier 1, XP Gain: 315,000 - 450,000 XP, Reward pool: 900,000 TOWER. 
  • Tier 2, XP Gain: 450,001 - 600,000 XP, Reward pool: 600,000 TOWER. 
  • Tier 3, XP Gain: 315,000 - 450,000 XP, Reward pool: 300,000 TOWER among players who make it to this tier, and 1x Elite Badge NFT for each of the top 10% players within the month. 

Daily Star Chest Check-in Event: 

Every day, open a Star Chest in the game and check in on Crazy Defense Heroes' website to earn an increasing amount of TOWER tokens. Those who score 100% attendance will receive a special reward and 1x Full Attendance Badge Soulbound NFT. 

Reward boost for holding several Battle Card NFTs

Players who own at least 5 TOWER Battle Cards of any rarity can also enjoy a boost on their XP Gain and Daily Star Chest Event rewards. For instance, if you hold 10 common Battle Cards, you will automatically receive 1.10x more TOWER from the XP Gain and Daily Check-in campaigns. 

  • 5 Battle Card NFTs - 1.05x Boost. 
  • 10 Battle Card NFTs - 1.10x Boost. 
  • 20 Battle Card NFTs - 1.25x Boost. 
  • 30 Battle Card NFTs - 1.50x Boost. 
  • 40 Battle Card NFTs - 2.00x Boost. 

Battle Card NFTs Rarity Bonus

If you own Battle Cards of different rarities, you can also get extra TOWER tokens by fulfilling all conditions of a reward tier within the month as below: 

  • Common Tier - Extra 100 TOWER for holding 1x TOWER Battle Card of any rarity and accumulating 7 days of daily check-ins. 
  • Rare Tier - Extra 200 TOWER for holding 2x TOWER Battle Cards with at least one Rare or above, gaining 315,000 to 450,000 Avatar XP, and accumulating 14 days of daily check-ins. 
  • Epic Tier - Extra 300 TOWER for holding 3x TOWER Battle Cards with at least one Epic or above, gaining 450,001 to 600,000 Avatar XP, and accumulating 21 days of daily check-ins. 
  • Legendary Tier - Extra 400 TOWER and 1x Completion Badge NFT for holding 4x TOWER Battle Cards with at least 1x Legendary, gaining 600,001 Avatar XP or above, and accumulating 28 days of daily check-ins. 

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