Crypto Citizen Unveils Syndicates of Ether Island

Crypto Citizen recently announced the launch of Syndicates of Ether Island. Previously, Crypto Citizen revealed the "Rise of Ether" - the origin narrative of the game. The Syndicates of Ether Island are the team's sequel to that release.

Dec 6, 2022
by Anvi Saini
Crypto Citizen Unveils Syndicates of Ether Island

The Syndicates of Ether Island provide players with information on the history of the various ruling classes they may face while playing.

3 Types of Syndicates of Ether Island

According to the Crypto Citizen gameplay, with time, the cruel people found that they could rule the new world. They quickly rose to positions of leadership by banding together in syndicates. It wasn't long until separate groups started governing different portions of Ether Island.

Syndicate KORPO

Syndicate KORPO consists of wealthy people who accumulated great money due to interactions between humans and technology. Former bankers, brokers, attorneys, wealthy families, and others are among them. They are all hungry, ruthless, and driven members of The Order of Meta who have been given the authority to maintain their dominion. 

As per the game, members of the old order left their mark before fleeing into the shadows. They constructed factories, vast buildings, mines, and other massive constructions in Metropolit City, where they live.


In the Crypto Citizen, the affluent and powerful always began in the spotlight, whereas members of the hackhunters always worked in the shadows. Biochemical engineers,  neuroscientists,  

computer hackers, and geeks comprise this group. These geeks are fascinated by machines. They are, however, more hazardous than the KORPO Syndicate since they do not deal with machines for profit. Hackhunters syndicate is serious about business, from hacking to AI integration to physical augmentation and remodelling. 


The Midnight syndicate consists of folks who are aggressive, crude, and at the bottom of the social pyramid. They have usually neglected children of drug addicts and unemployed people who refused down-mining employment. Midnight group, which has ties to the Whaleland districts, did not start as a syndicate. They recognized that drug usage had murdered their parents and chose to make friends with powerful individuals who ran bars, blubs, and brothels. As a result, they quickly transformed violence into a viable industry by arranging street fights, drag races, and prostitution networks.

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