Crypto Legions Players and Token Holders Rising: Now is the Time to Play and Earn

Oct 13, 2022
by playtoearn
Crypto Legions Players and Token Holders Rising: Now is the Time to Play and Earn

Crypto Legions has been taking the crypto gaming space by storm. Since its release on September 28, 2022, the Play-To-Earn game constantly sits in the top ten trending tokens on major token tracking sites and remains one of if not the most lucrative and rewarding games on the BSC Network. As of October 8, 2022, the $BLV3 token had hit a new all-time high value of over $4.80—an over 1000% rise since its ICO. Some players earn upwards of $1500 daily, and many are now entering the first reinvestment phase. Meanwhile, marketing campaigns are ramping up, including giveaways, contests, banner advertisements, and influencer collaborations.  

Apart from earning, Myrtle Sorrosa, a prominent Filipina actress, cosplayer, host, singer, songwriter, and gamer, is a top content creator partnering with Crypto Legions. In August of 2022, she won the “Top Gaming Creator Award” and will be working in coordination with the other creators in a new marketing campaign showing off the lucrative rewards. One creator, Mark “Mugen” Striegl (Filipino-American Actor and Professional UFC fighter), won over $1200 in his first hunt!

How to play and earn with Crypto Legions V3

To play Crypto Legions, visit their game page and log in using the browser-based crypto wallet, Metamask. To start, players will need some $BNB and $BUSD to purchase $BLV3 tokens on PancakeSwap and start the game. After acquiring $BLV3 and $BNB, go to the home page to summon warriors and beasts that band together to create legions that can hunt and earn. Each hunt requires supplies that are bought after a legion is formed. The more powerful a legion is, the more powerful monsters they can fight—each rewarding more $BLV3 the stronger they are.

Benefits of investing and playing in Crypto Legions

As the game enters its third week, players and investors settle in with their legions and overall positions to take advantage of the early building stages of the project. With marketing campaigns come many opportunities for community members to earn inside and outside the game. This past week, players have been competing for whitelist spots in the new upcoming release of Crypto Games Agency’s next new title. On Sunday, hunters with legions having more than forty-thousand attack power fought a special monster with a fifty percent win rate to earn $500 in $BLV3. Apart from the game, their Twitter, Telegram, Discord, and overall community are growing. As a result, there are many contests, competitions, and giveaways, meaning players earn inside and outside the game.

About Crypto Games Agency

Starting from a single game and now revitalizing it in its third and most robust version of Crypto Legions, Crypto Games Agency is a team of Play-to-Earn experts dedicated to delivering the best P2E products and returns. After creating multiple successful titles, they continue to release high-performing games. As an extended service, they offer their skills to anyone, allowing them to create their own game. Customers choose their desired theme, and Crypto Games Agency produces an entirely coded project with social media accounts, storylines, graphics, tokens, marketing, and assistance with the game launch. With their experience, Crypto Games Agency offers a completed project in just one month.

Join the Crypto Legions Community and Earn Today

The journey has only just begun! Players are creating Legions, hunting, and earning now. To buy $BLV3, connect your Metamask wallet to BNB Network and visit PancakeSwap. To keep up with the latest news and events, follow Crypto Legions on social media and join their community platforms!

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