Crypto Mayhem Unveils Top-Down Shooter’s Early Access

Crypto Mayhem is set to release Top-Down Shooter early access to some lucky users.

Nov 29, 2022
by Anvi Saini
Crypto Mayhem Unveils Top-Down Shooter’s Early Access

Players' patience will soon be rewarded, as they will be allowed early access to Top-Down Shooter. Prepare for bloody battles with extraterrestrial animals laden with desperately required biomass.

The intergalactic journey will begin at 12:00 CET on December 13th.

How do you Play? 

According to the rules to play Crypto Mayhem Top-Down Shooter early access. a player must be a 

  • $ADRIA investor or 
  • Crypto Mayhem NFT holder

 If you purchased $ADRIA in one of their earlier private sales or have one of its NFTs, you may download the launcher on December 13th from the Crypto Mayhem Top-Down Shooter website. 

The Crypto Mayhem team will soon provide thorough instructions for downloading and launching the game.

Fill out the Top-Down Shooter beta testers form if you are a $ADRIA or Crypto Mayhem NFT holder to get admission to the exclusive testers group. The Crypto Mayhem team is also working on the possibility of investing in $ADRIA and play. 

Crypto Mayhem Teams Up with Microsoft Startups Founders Hub 

Microsoft's Startups Founders Hub recently collaborated with Crypto Mayhem. Essentially, Crypto Mayhem can give the finest gaming experience possible due to crucial development tools like GitHub and many more because of collaboration. 

Crypto Mayhem Recently Came up with Few Updates 

The game's main menu has been modified. You can access Settings, Tech Lab, Command Center, and more from there! When you reach the point where you may set your Mech, you will see a freshly designed UI menu and icons for the following: weaponry, technology, and goods. 

A menu for purchasing talents and things has also been developed. Crypto Mayhem has introduced a price structure to the menu that indicates how much biomass you must pay for each item.

The UI for the biomass backpack has been developed. Further, with a biomass backpack, participants will know how much biomass they have and how much time they have to empty the bag. Moreover, the developer's team has devised a system for tracking the quantity of biomass collected and a biomass shader.

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