Crypto Raiders to Release New Character Classes and More in Coming Days

OG NFT game Crypto Raiders is now back with more exciting updates, including the launch of new NFT avatars, forging mechanism, and participation in the Galaxy Fight Club championship. Let's dive in!

Sep 21, 2022
by Akira Ming
Crypto Raiders to Release New Character Classes and More in Coming Days

Crypto Raiders will soon introduce new in-game characters

Retro-themed NFT RPG Crypto Raiders has confirmed plans to release two new character classes, Knight and Paladin, by this week. If launched successfully, it will expand the list of 11 diverse characters currently available in the game. 

It's unclear whether Knight or Paladin will come with any unique attributes. In the past, all Crypto Raiders characters were launched with no attribute differences. All stats and attributes eventually came from the gears they're equipped with and drops they looted from dungeons. 

According to the team, players can reset to the new character classes for free at launch. Here's a first look at the abilities of Knight and Paladin: 

Forging to come next week

Besides that, team Crypto Raiders will add a forging mechanism to the game by the end of September. This will allow players to transform three items to get a new weapon or gear useful in battles. 

Similarly, details are scarce at the moment. Players will need to stay tuned for more info when the feature goes live. 

Crypto Raiders x Galaxy Fight Club (GFC) Cross-IP championship

In case you haven't heard, Crypto Raiders is also taking part in the upcoming Galaxy Fight Club Cross-IP tournament! Set to be hosted on the GFC platform, the event will feature more than 25 NFT projects, 3 events, and over $250k worth of NFTs & assets in prizes. 

More importantly, players will be able to fight as their Raiders during the event and enjoy a special prize pool set for the Crypto Raiders community. The team will share more details in a Twitter Space on September 22nd. 

About Crypto Raiders

Launched in July 2021, Crypto Raiders is one of the OG NFT titles available in the blockchain gaming space. Anyone can start playing by acquiring one of the 11 unique characters (Raiders) before sending them to dungeons to earn $AURUM, loot, and XP. 

Even though its rarity level is purely cosmetic, the generation of a Raider, however, does affect gameplay. Raiders of an older generation (up to Gen 7) will receive a bonus to earn more $AURUM in dungeons.

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