Crypto Unicorns to Expand its Shadowcorn Game with New Quest Sets and Rewards

Players will be given a set of PvE tasks to complete and earn a host of special items and resources to further explore the Dark Forest.

Jul 13, 2023
by Akira Ming
Crypto Unicorns to Expand its Shadowcorn Game with New Quest Sets and Rewards

Shadowcorn PvE to enter a new chapter in Crypto Unicorns

Blockchain-based NFT game Crypto Unicorns is looking to expand its Shadowcorn experience with a new leaderboard event that allows players to earn items and resources to create base camps in the Dark Forest. 

The event began on July 13th and will end on October 1st, 2023. Players must have at least one Shadowcorn, an NFT Unicorn built specifically for the game, to participate. They will first access the Introduction Story Quest before receiving Daily and Weekly Into the Abyss Story Quests based on when their Quest timer restarts. 

The Into the Abyss Quest Set, which focuses on journeys just beyond the outskirts, will be released to kick off the adventure. The following Quest Sets (Movement of Shadows & Darkness Arises) will focus on mid to long-distance travels, with the final set (Territorial Claim) ending near the middle of the Dark Forest. The leaderboard will be run based on 3 milestones. Players can earn points for the leaderboard by completing UNIM quests, with the number of points earned increasing with the rarity of the quest. 

Below is the Quest Schedule: 

  • Into the Abyss (Milestone 1)
    Release Date: July 13th
    Rarities: Common & Rare
  • Movement of Shadows (Milestone 2)
    Release Date: July 27th
    Rarities: Common, Rare, & Mythic
  • Darkness Arises (Milestone 3)
    Release Date: August 10th
    Rarities: Common, Rare, Mythic & Exotic
  • Territorial Claim (Milestone 3)
    Release Date: August 31st
    Rarities: Common, Rare, Mythic & Exotic

Milestone rewards mostly include rare exclusive Lootboxes, while leaderboard rewards include RBW tokens, Unicorns, and Golden Tickets. Throughout the event, Shadowcorn holders will receive 75% of the prizes from any failed UNIM quest every month. This will happen once the Minion Forge mechanic is available. 

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