CyberKongz is Entering the Sandbox Metaverse with its VX Kongz NFT Collection

As the Sandbox metaverse expands further, CyberKongz is also coming ashore to join the platform.

Aug 25, 2022
by Anvi Saini
CyberKongz is Entering the Sandbox Metaverse with its VX Kongz NFT Collection

After an undisclosed date, the Sandbox metaverse residents will be able to play as and with the VX Kongz. This will happen in the Sandbox Alpha Season 3. With this, the CyberKongs NFT owners can play with these characters, explore the metaverse and earn rewards. 

Participation of CyberKongz in Sandbox Alpha Season 3

Along with 13 top NFT collectibles, including CyberKongz, Sandbox has voxelized the avatars. The added support for external avatars expands the Sandbox metaverse and adds over 140,000 playable avatars. 

Integrating CyberKongz is easy as these avatars come in 2D and 3D structures. These avatars are built for non-metaverse and metaverse-based experiences. The Sandbox’s Alpha Season 3 begins on the 24th of August and is one of the biggest events of 2022 for the platform. 

Besides this, it includes 27 experiences. Some of the Sandbox’s most renowned partners will be a part of this season, including Snoop Dogg, Warner Music Group, and The Walking Dead. 

Better SAND Rewards for VX Kongz

In Alpha Season 3, the players will get benefits from a diverse pool of SAND rewards. Sandbox is calling these guaranteed rewards to attract more users to join in and become a part of the metaverse. 

Avatar owners like the VX Kongz NFT owners, Sandbox guarantees a reward of 60 SAND tokens. Players with Alpha Pass will get a reward of 500 SAND tokens, and land owners will receive 180 SAND tokens. Lastly, the NFT owners will get a reward of 180 SAND tokens. 

Along with these rewards, the leaderboard rewards in Season 3 will distribute up to 1.5 million SAND tokens. Points on the leaderboard will be based on the player’s Ethos Points. The highest ranking player with the highest EP points will get 30,000 SAND tokens. 

About Sandbox Metaverse

Sandbox is a metaverse-based game where players can create, share, and monetize assets. These assets include land, in-game assets, NFTs, items, etc. The Sandbox metaverse is available on Microsoft Windows and mobile phones to play. 

About CyberKongz

CyberKongz is a collection of randomly generated 2D and 3D NFTs. These are like social avatars that users can interact with in different environments. The three types of CyberKongz NFTs include Genesis, the rarest collection. The second collection is Baby/Incubator Kongz, and the third is VX Kongz (only these will enter Sandbox).

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