Cyberpunk City: August Update - Breaking New Ground in Game Development

Cyberpunk City's latest update highlights design innovations like realistic weather and immersive environments. Their game development focus on AI and combat dynamics ensures a smooth experience. Plus, they participated in Istanbul Blockchain Week, rewarding active nodes and CitizenNFT holders.

Sep 10, 2023
by Michael
Cyberpunk City: August Update - Breaking New Ground in Game Development

In a captivating Medium post, the developers behind Cyberpunk City take an unconventional approach to reveal the latest strides in their game's evolution. This August update delves into four key categories: design, game development, and miscellaneous news, providing insights into their multifaceted journey.

Design Innovation: Crafting a Vibrant Open World

  • Transportation Models: Cyberpunk City raises the bar with an update to transportation models. Players can anticipate new, visually stunning vehicles that promise to elevate the gaming experience.
  • Set Dressing Masterpieces: Every corner of the open world receives a touch of artistry, breathing life into the environment, and creating an immersive experience.
  • City Revamp: To keep things fresh, substantial updates and overhauls have transformed various parts of the city, offering players a reimagined landscape full of surprises.
  • Seamless Compatibility: Addressing compatibility issues ensures a smooth gaming experience for all, eliminating hurdles that might hinder players.
  • Detail-Oriented World-Building: The developers' passion for detail continues to shine as they add intricate set dressing and details to various locations, enhancing player immersion.
  • The Future of Battle Royale: Cyberpunk City's team is hard at work developing a thrilling battle royale environment, promising a competitive experience like no other.
  • Weather and Surface Realism: Surfaces now react dynamically to weather conditions, adding a realistic touch to the game's atmosphere.
  • Natural Beauty Abounds: Decorative foliage assets infuse the city with vibrant, lifelike visuals.
  • Battle Zone Transformation: The battle zone environment undergoes significant changes, promising an even more intense combat experience for players.
  • Assets Design: The game's characters and environment are meticulously designed, enhancing storytelling and immersion.

Game Development Progress

The development highlights from the past month include streamlining AI for crowd simulations, researching Unreal Engine 5 NavMesh for NPC avoidance, brainstorming new combat dynamics, and utilizing VDB technology for stunning volumetric clouds. Additionally, a thorough monthly code audit of 35,000 lines ensures the game's stability and performance.

Miscellaneous Updates and Achievements

Cyberpunk City's presence at the Istanbul Blockchain Week was a remarkable experience, fostering connections and discussions about exciting developments with the MultiversX team.

  • Active Nodes: With two more nodes activated, bringing the total to five, Cyberpunk Stake continues to offer a 7% APR, providing an impressive distribution of $CYBER per $EGLD every month.
  • Cyberpunk Stake Rewards: Over 475 delegators have received a distribution of 82,000 $CYBER as staking rewards, making it the most profitable choice in the ecosystem.
  • Buy $EGLD/$CYBER Video: An informative video tutorial by Jack Melar simplifies trading $EGLD and $CYBER, making it easier for newcomers to navigate the MultiversX platform.
  • Twitter Thread: An engaging Twitter thread delves into various aspects of Cyberpunk City, offering a comprehensive overview of the project's journey and future vision.
  • CitizenNFT Rewards: CitizenNFT holders were rewarded with a distribution of 117,000 $CYBER tokens, recognizing their participation and ownership within the ecosystem.
  • Cyberpunk City ($CYBER) Stats: Monthly updates on market capitalization, trading volume, and price provide valuable insights for investors and users.

As Cyberpunk City continues to evolve and grow, these developments promise an exciting future for both the game and its community of players and investors.

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