DappCraft Launches Halloween AI Treasure Hunt In Decentraland

Players can enjoy immersive experiences in celebration of Halloween.

Oct 27, 2023
by Michael
DappCraft Launches Halloween AI Treasure Hunt In Decentraland

DappCraft has announced it will be changing to a Halloween-themed wonderland through the 'Halloween AI Treasure Hunt '23'. This amazing festival will combine artificial intelligence with holiday activities to give an immersive experience to individuals.

Via a post, DappCraft said, 

"Halloween eve is coming! That means we've prepared something spooky for you! Don't miss the scariest quiz this Saturday."

The Treasure Hunt is not just a list of events but a chance to connect with other Halloween enthusiasts across the globe. 

Details of The Event

The event will run from October 27 to 31, when Decentraland will become a place of ghostly activities and cryptic activities. The event is open for everyone to enjoy AI-generated missions, unforeseen surprises, and other fun-filled activities.

The most important part of the party is the 'Haunted House Tours.' this features daily quests that players can engage in and win exclusive rewards. Virtual candles are a crucial requirement for participating in this adventure since it is the currency for mysterious treats in the 'Spooky Shop.'

The event is especially interesting since AI is involved and is important in creating the themed challenges and activities.

What Is DappCraft

DappCraft is inviting all participants, newbies, or professionals in the virtual world to use this innovative technology and enjoy AI-driven activities. In this event, individuals can have virtual identities and wear Halloween gowns and, disguises, and characters.

DappCraft is a metaverse agency responsible for creating content and experiences for metaverses. The company has partnered and worked with several agencies like Playboy, NASA, Bored Ape Yacht Club, Hanson Robotics, TrustSwap, MasterCard, etc. They have years of experience in 3D animations and games, smart contracts, digital fashion, 3D scenes, and lots more.

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