Dark Frontiers Provides Details on PVP Release

The PVP release of Dark Frontiers will initially include Team Deathmatch Arena for everyone to download and play, with 3 other modes set to be introduced later on.

Oct 12, 2023
by Dragan
Dark Frontiers Provides Details on PVP Release

Game developer Gamestarter has officially revealed most if not all the details we need to know for the upcoming PVP release of Dark Frontiers, a sci-fi action MMORPG.

What’s Included In the PVP Release?

The PVP release version of this blockchain title is set to include 4 different types of PVP modes: Boxing Arena, Team Deathmatch Arena, Open World PVP Zones, and Outpost Siege.

Boxing & Team Deathmatch Arenas

In the Boxing Arena, players will get to battle it out 1v1 hand-to-hand combat, while Team Deathmatch Arena is you standard Deathmatch experience teams of multiple players shoot their way to getting the highest number of kills to win the match.

Open World PVP Zones & Outpost Siege

Based on the announcement, there will be “regular open world zones” in which you’ll be able to engage in PVP gameplay if you so choose to, as it’s in these zones where everyone is allowed to attack each other at will, requiring you to be ready at all times.

Outpost Siege is a guild-based mode in which clans will go on huge battlefields and fight for control of outposts.

PVP Mode Seasons

The developers plan to introduce seasons in which there will be weekly, biweekly and monthly tournaments for players to participate in for a chance at earning $DARK, NFTs, and more by being at the top of the leaderboard. More details will be given in the near future.

What Will Be Available on Launch?

While it’s not stated when the PVP release will actually take place, what has been revealed are the features that will be included on launch. According to the announcement, the release will be marked by Team Deathmatch Arena, in which players will be able to earn DFCC, which is a non-blockchain in-game currency that will be used for buying spacesuits and weapons, with Binance Edition spacesuits restricted to NFT holders only. Players will also be able to level up character skills along the way.

The Team Deathmatch Arena will be available for everyone to download and play with no time limits, with other PVP modes set to be released sometime later.

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