Decentraland partners with MetaGameHub for its 2022 Game Jam

Decentraland is set to launch its Game Jam for this year to encourage more creators to publish their art while receiving unique sets of rewards.

May 15, 2022
by Michael
Decentraland partners with MetaGameHub for its 2022 Game Jam

Decentraland will be collaborating with DCL-Edit tool creator MetaGameHub Dao for its 2022 Game Jam. As always, the contest aims to support creators by promoting creativity and excellent design while offering them exceptional rewards.

This year’s edition will run from May 17 till June 14, and entries will be assessed on overall idea, game design, interactivity, creativity, and ‘wow factor’. In addition, there will be rewards for the Top 20 entries, and MetaGameHub Dao will also be offering another set of prizes for entries created using the DCL-Edit tool, which help simplifies workflow when developing with the Decentraland SDK.

The rewards for top entries are:

Decentraland Prizes

  • 1st Place → 2 LAND + 5000 MANA
  • 2nd Place → 1 LAND + 2500 MANA
  • 3rd Place → 1 LAND + 1500 MANA
  • 4th Place → 1 LAND + 1000 MANA
  • 5th Place → 1 Land + 750 MANA
  • 6th-10th Place → 1000 MANA
  • 11th-20th Place → 500 MANA

MetaGameHub Prizes

  • 1st Place → $5,000 in MGH tokens
  • 2nd Place → $4,000 in MGH tokens
  • 3rd Place → $3,000 in MGH tokens
  • 4th Place → $2,000 in MGH tokens
  • 5th Place → $1,000 in MGH tokens
  • 6th-10th Place → $500 in MGH tokens
  • 11th-20th Place → $250 in MGH tokens

To stand a chance of winning, contestants must create Decentraland Scene entries with a maximum size of 4x4 parcels that works in Decentraland without any blocking bugs. Entries must be original, and a significant part of the development process must occur during the competition period.  

In addition, the entries must be made open source to the developer community, and clarity of design is crucial in the assessment. Finally, no obscene or inappropriate entry will be tolerated.

Contestants are urged to work on the projects as a group as Decentraland believes the best projects are often team efforts. For additional information on the Game Jam, interested persons are encouraged to join the Decentraland community on Discord and check the website for more updates.

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