DeFi Land Introduces NFT Forging and New Features to Come in 2023

Forging is now live in DeFi Land, allowing players to redesign their NFT tools and pets in preparation for more exciting gameplay.

Jan 6, 2023
by Akira Ming
DeFi Land Introduces NFT Forging and New Features to Come in 2023

Players in DeFi Land will be able to craft more powerful NFTs by Forging

DeFi Land, a Solana agriculture simulation game, has launched NFT Forging, a new feature that allows players to redesign their NFTs. With Forging, players can dismantle their Gen-0 NFTs and strategically re-combine their attributes to form new NFT tools and pets. 

In DeFi Land, each NFT has its own attributes, which are synergistic, meaning that when attributes of the same rarity are combined, it will result in a more powerful NFT. Forging will allow players to combine rare attributes to create even stronger NFTs than their original items. 

To start Forging, make sure to place the Forging building on the map. Once done, go to that building to dismantle your NFTs by paying Roger (The Forger) a flat fee of 5,000 $GOLDY. Note that all NFTs to be dismantled must have 100 HP and are not on adventures. 

Next, claim the dismantled attributes to assemble a new item. Depending on the attributes' rarity, you'll need to pay an assembly fee for each of them with different waiting times as follows:

  • Common - 5,000 $GOLDY + 1,000 $DFL, 2 hours
  • Uncommon - 10,000 $GOLDY + 3,000 $DFL, 6 hours
  • Rare - 20,000 $GOLDY + 10,000 $DFL, 16 hours
  • Epic - 25,000 $GOLDY + 25,000 $DFL, 24 hours
  • Legendary - 30,000 $GOLDY + 50,000 $DFL, 48hours

The total cost for assembling a new NFT is calculated by adding the fee of each attribute. For instance, if you want to combine 4 Rare attributes, it will take 64 hours, as well as 80,000 $GOLDY and 40,000 $DFL to forge. All $GOLDY and $DFL acquired through Forging will be burnt to reduce token inflation. 

New features and releases in 2023

In the later stage of development, Forging will have a sister mechanic called Fusion that allows players to combine attributes of the same rarity to get a better one. At the same time, crafting and mystery boxes will hit the scene to unlock the next generation of NFTs.

DeFi Land will also drop exclusive NFTs for its new animal racing game in early 2023. After that, the team will fully focus on DeFi Land Mobile, followed by multi-chain integration for the game. 

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