Derby Stars Announces Limit Break Event

The Limit Break event has Derby Stars players focus on Core Slot expansion for a chance at receiving various rewards. This event started on November 6th and is set to end on November 27th.

Nov 6, 2023
by Dragan
Derby Stars Announces Limit Break Event

The team behind Derby Stars, a free-to-play horse racing game on the Polygon network, has officially announced the start of the Limit Break event, which is set to run until November 27th, 3 AM UTC.

What Is the Limit Break Event?

This new limited time event is focused on getting the best out of your horses through utilizing Core Expansion and Breeding Boost. It very much ties into the 0.9 update released near the end of last month, where the one of the additions the update included was the expansion of Core Slots, making it so that all horses have at least 5 of them. To expand the amount of available Core Slots, players need to spend CRT.

With this event, players are encouraged to utilize the changes introduced with the previous update, focusing on expanding your horse’s Core Slots for a chance at gaining rewards by being one of the players to have the highest amount of expanded Core Slots. According to the official post, you will be eligible for rewards even if you expanded Core Slots before the event, meaning those slots you may have expanded before the start of the event do actually count for ranking on the leaderboard.

From November 6th to November 27th, 3 AM UTC, a Breeding Boost is present during the same time period as the event, meaning the breeding cooldown is now set to 0 and hatching takes only 24 hours.

What Are the Rewards?

Players who get the highest expanded Core Slot for a single instance could earn the following:

  • Core Slot 6 : 20X Dana’s Hammer D
  • Core Slot 5 : 10X Dana’s Hammer D
  • Core Slot 4 : 10X Dana’s Hammer E
  • Core Slot 3 : 10X Apprentice’s Hammer

Next to that, there is also the Core Master Leaderboard, where the top 10 who have highest number of successful Core Slot expansions will be rewarded with 1 Dana’s Hammer D each, while the top 20 will get Dana’s Hammer E. It seems that players who are not in these 2 categories could end up receiving 10 Apprentice’s Hammers. Players who post a tweet containing @DerbyStars_HQ #derbystars #limitbreaka while sharing a screenshot showing a successful Core Slot expansion could also get one Apprentice’s Hammer by submitting proof through Zealy.

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