Derby Stars Launches Breeding Boost Event

The Breeding Boost Event consists of a series of sub-events that let players of Derby Stars breed horses faster while competing for various rewards from October 5th to October 18th.

Oct 8, 2023
by Dragan
Derby Stars Launches Breeding Boost Event

Derby Stars has announced the start of the Breeding Boost event, following an update adding various improvements to the feature.

What Is the Breeding Boost Event?

The Breeding Boost Event is actually a series of events running from October 5th to October 18th. It’s underway in celebration of the latest breeding improvement update that increased chances of getting a rare foal from the previous range of 3-5.6% to a new range of 3% to 100%. It also improved rewards for Father Horse owners but doubled the cost of breeding to 8000 CRT, with the developers stating the increased price is “negligible” due to the improved chances of getting a rare foal.

During this event period, there are 5 different events simultaneously taking place: Breed Faster! Event, 50% Payback Breeding Event; Be the Best Breeder Event; Be the Lucky Breeder Event, and Show Your Soul Event.

Breed Faster! & 50% Payback Breeding Event Details

As the name of the first event implies, players have the opportunity to breed horses faster during this event. Instead of the standard 120 hours, you can hatch a soul in just 24 hours during the event period. A soul must be hatched before the event ends. If it doesn’t hatch before 23:59 UTC on October 18th, the timer resets to 120 hours. The cooldown for breeding has also been reduced to 0 but will go back to the usual 1 week after the event ends.

With the 50% Payback Breeding event, the developers will reimburse 4000 CRT for every breeding that takes place during the event. Reimbursements will take place after the end of the event, with a certain date set to be announced in the future.

Be the Best Breeder & Be the Lucky Breeder Details

If you want to be the best breeder, you’ll have to breed the highest number of horses during the event period in order to be rewarded with Dana’s Hammer and Stardust of Rarity. These two items will be released in the 0.9 update, with the former “essential for unlocking Core Slots,” while the latter ups your chances of getting a rare foal when breeding. 

If you can’t top breeding numbers, you could still end up being the lucky winner of a breed raffle simply by breeding once during this event. Breeding gives you a raffle ticket for a chance of earning 10k CRT. If you breed more horses, you’ll get to enter another raffle where 10 players could earn Dana’s Hammer.

Show Your Soul Event Info

This social-based event has players show off their newly-bred horses in the game’s official Discord server. Send a screenshot of your new horse together with your wallet address and a creative story “of how the soul came from the mother horse and father horse.” The player who gets picked for having the best story could win 10k CRT and Dana’s Hammer.

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