Devikins Set to Celebrate First Year Anniversary in Style

Devikins have announced the celebration of its first year anniversary with an amazing competition loaded with awesome rewards.

Jun 26, 2022
by Michael
Devikins Set to Celebrate First Year Anniversary in Style

Devikins is celebrating its anniversary in an unprecedented way with a competition titled  Devikins Anniversary.

In this competition, players will fight to get the maximum number of points within a week, and the five players with the highest points will get enormous rewards. These points will be gotten during various contests, and each point is a push towards getting a higher rank in the global ranking. 

Rewards in this competition include Mynthe Seeds, Incubators and more.

Details On the Rewards

According to the game, the following are the rewards based on the rank of players:

  • 1st Position (Overlord): 7500 Mynthe Seeds, 1 Genetic Incubator, 1 Limitless Incubator, 1 Mythic Incubator.
  • 2nd Position (Vice-Overlord): 5000 Mynthe Seeds, 2 Eldritch Crates1
  • 3rd Position (Platinum I): 4500 Mynthe Seeds, 1 Eldritch Crate1
  • 4th Position (Platinum II): 4000 Mynthe Seeds, 1 Mythic Crate2
  • 5th Position (Platinum III): 4500 Mynthe Seeds, 1 Mythic Crate2
  • 6–10 (Gold I): 3000 Mynthe Seeds, 1 Mythic Incubator
  • 11–50 (Gold II): 2500 Mynthe Seeds, 2 Rare Incubators
  • 51–100 (Gold III): 2000 Mynthe Seeds, 1 Rare Incubator
  • 101–500 (Silver I): 1500 Mynthe Seeds, 2 Rare Event Crates3
  • 501–1000 (Silver II): 1000 Mynthe Seeds, 1 Rare Event Crate4
  • 25th Percentile (Silver III): 900 Mynthe Seeds, 1 Minor Event Crate4
  • 50th Percentile (Bronze I): 800 Mynthe Seeds, 1 GH Pill, 1 Leperchaun Pastille
  • 75th Percentile (Bronze II): 700 Mynthe Seeds, 1 GH Pill
  • Below 75th Percentile (Bronze III): 500 Mynthe Seeds

This Competition is structured to allow a large number of individuals in the Devikins Community to win amazing prizes. The event is a statement of appreciation from the Game to its community for the loyalty and devotion over the past year.

The event is scheduled to commence after the release of Devikins Update 1.3.

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