DinoX World to Introduce New In-Game Token and More in Beta v1.2.5

The upcoming update includes extra checkpoints, Blacksmith Building, and a new in-game currency - Chips.

Dec 14, 2022
by Akira Ming
DinoX World to Introduce New In-Game Token and More in Beta v1.2.5

What's new in DinoX World? 

Play-and-earn combat strategy game DinoX is releasing patch v1.2.5, which includes a new in-game currency, extra checkpoints, and Blacksmith Building. The update aims to provide players with a better gaming experience. So let's take a look at the new features. 


In Beta v1.2.5, Chips will be introduced as the new in-game currency of DinoX World. It can be purchased with DNXC or fiat currency. 

Players can use them to perform multiple actions in the game, such as constructing and upgrading certain buildings, purchasing checkpoints, enabling breeding, reducing breeding time, accessing Adventure Mode functions, and more. 

Extra Checkpoints

Currently, players will receive one checkpoint for each 5th battle won on the new battleground. However, these checkpoints can only be used once. So players may require more protection when progressing to tougher levels. 

With Chips, players can purchase single-use Checkpoints, which can be placed at any battle they have cleared previously. Only one checkpoint can be set per battle. However, players can put additional checkpoints at earlier battles, so they won't lose progress below that point. 

Blacksmith Building

The long-awaited Blacksmith Building will also go live in update v1.2.5, allowing players to craft valuable items in the game. For instance, they can forge Keys using Key Shards obtained by defeating opponents in Ancient Enemies and new battlegrounds. For every 5 shards they have, players can forge 1 Key of their choice. Having 20 Keys of the same type will unlock a new corresponding battleground. 

On top of that, the Blacksmith Building has 3 stages of evolution, each with an increasing capacity to craft various items. Apart from forging Keys, players can also craft new items such as temporary Avatar cards, DNA converters, Power Crystals, Power Bots, and more. DinoX will reveal the exact functionalities of these items in an upcoming announcement. For more details, check out the official post here

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