DragonMaster Receives New Update Featuring New Dragons, NFT Fragment Exchange Store & More

With the new update to DragonMaster, the game now features new dragons in the Level 41 draw of Synthesis gameplay, alongside the addition of the NFT Fragment Exchange store and more.

Nov 5, 2023
by Dragan
DragonMaster Receives New Update Featuring New Dragons, NFT Fragment Exchange Store & More

Play-to-earn mobile game DragonMaster has received a new update that brings a variety of additions that aim to help create both a more enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Update Details

The latest update brings with it new dragons, Halloween avatar frames, an upgraded mUSDT Universal Revenue feature, new game props, NFT Fragment Exchange store, and the removal of token auctions from the Auction House.

New Dragons

The developers have introduced a diverse range of different dragons to Synthesis gameplay at the Level 41 draw. These include Shenron, 1-5 star dragons, Cash Dragon, and Couple Dragon.

According to the patch notes, Shenron makes it possible for you to earn 20% of the game’s daily ad revenue as passive income. While you do have a chance of getting this dragon through the Level 41 draw, you can also summon this beast by collecting 1-5 star dragons, with the team also stating that personal efforts such as doing daily tasks, inviting friends and other in-game actions, “when your progress bar reaches 100%, you are guaranteed to obtain Shenron.” In order to get the 1-5 star dragons, you’ll have to try your luck through the Level 41 draw, with their core function being to serve as key parts for summoning Shenron.

The Cash Dragon can be recycled to reward you with $0.5 -  $5, while managing to collect a male and female Couple Dragon will let you do a “synthesis operation” that will reward you with $10 upon completion.

Upgraded mUSDT Universal Revenue Feature

The mUSDT Universal Revenue feature has been updated to include Shenron earnings. This means that if a level 1 or level 2 friend you’ve invited manages to get Shenron, you’ll get to reap a share of the ad revenue earnings.

New Game Props

mUSDT Temporary Cash Option props have been added to the game, which means you can now withdraw “small amounts of assets more flexibly.” The temporary cash withdrawal options now available include 100mUSDT ($0.1), 500mUSDT ($0.5), and 1000 mUSDT ($1). There are 3 ways through which players have a chance to get these new props: through the Level 41 draw, through battles, and by participating in the Treasure Hunt.

NFT Fragment Exchange Store

The NFT Fragment Exchange store has officially opened, meaning you can now exchange NFT fragment props for Dragon NFTs. You need 100 NFT fragments in order to be able to receive one random Dragon NFT on the Polygon or Meter network.

Players can gain NFT fragments in 4 ways: by burning Dragon NFTs, by participating in the Level 41 draw, at the end of battles, and by taking part in the Treasure Hunt.

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