Durex Files NFT, Crypto Trademark Hinting at Metaverse Entry

Durex, the world’s well-known condom brand, has filed a trademark application to enter the metaverse and join the non-fungible token (NFT) space.

Aug 1, 2022
by Anvi Saini
Durex Files NFT, Crypto Trademark Hinting at Metaverse Entry

The application was filed with the USPTO on July 22nd, and the company intends to offer :

  • Virtual condoms;
  • services associated with digital currency and cryptocurrency;
  • Financial services associated with virtual currency;
  • Cryptocurrency mining;
  • Software platforms to access NFTs, cryptocurrencies and other application tokens.

Michael Kondoudis, a trademark attorney, announced the news on Twitter.

The application mentions various virtual products such as personal lubricants, washes and wellness products, among others. The company has also applied for mining services, which will be used to send, receive, accept, and manage payment and exchange digital transactions.

The sudden increase in trademark filings demonstrates how Web3's future is rapidly expanding. Regardless of industry, the emergence of NFTs and the metaverse is appealing to everyone.

Other trademarks that have filed trademark applications

Recently, the XFL, an American professional football minor league, has filed for a trademark for "XFL," signalling that it intends to enter the metaverse and the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Moreover, the official trademark document suggests that the company is aiming to incorporate an NFT marketplace, along with virtual goods and experiences into its future plans.

Likewise, the Professional Golfers' Association of America (PGA) submitted a new Web3 trademark application for its logo after announcing that it is finalizing deals with Sorare and Autograph to launch golf NFTs.

In the past few months, companies like Tommy Hilfiger, Louis Vuitton, eBay, Coinbase, Subway, and Fender have all applied for trademarks.

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