Elemon Addresses Bug-fixes in Recently Updated Game Version

Elemon has added multiple parameters to curb the several problems arising from its last bug-fixes.

Jun 22, 2022
by Michael
Elemon Addresses Bug-fixes in Recently Updated Game Version

Why is Elemon making the changes?

The game experienced serious difficulties with the in-game data in the latest updated version. The update caused a few glitches, which made it possible for a number of 74 in-game account owners to acquire an abnormal quantity of ELCOIN from the AFK pool.

Subsequently, the team announced a temporary shutdown of the game for maintenance activities. The maintenance session involved fixing the bug and reviewing the accounts that obtained ELCOIN illicitly from the incident. The team has been able to recover ELCOIN from 51 accounts and released a list of 23 profiteering accounts’ wallets & NFT IDs. To protect the Elemon gaming community, the violators have been prevented from using their in-game accounts, making in-game transfers and trading the Elemon Marketplace temporarily. 

Furthermore, the team has tightened up its security to prevent the withdrawal of unduly gotten ELCOIN from the glitch. They are set to implement a manual review mechanism for larger withdrawals of ELCOIN.

The team commented:

“All the NFT transactions should be executed on Elemon Marketplace for safety purposes. Elemon is not responsible for any transaction outside the coverage of Elemon Marketplace in case a dispute or error occurs.”

The following update also accompanied the maintenance session:

  • Adjustment of the PVP (PVP Ranking & normal PVP) turn purchase price to 300 ELCOIN per turn 
  • The boosting of  the quantity of crafting materials generated in Boss Guild from 1 to 10 pieces per battle

About Elemon

The Elemon game is an IDLE RPG and NFT technologies-based game model that provide an earning avenue for gamers. The game entails that players have to completely organize and combat their squad. Gamers can receive prizes offline. 

Players can widen their chances of winning battles by making peace with their other Elemons to make the best possible squad. Every player must start with an Elemon and increase the rarity level across three levels: Basic, Advanced and Super Elemon. There are also three unique groups of Elemons: the S, the SS  and finally, the best of them all, the SSS.

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