Everdome Announces the Maiden Rocket Launch; Here's everything you need to Know

The first rocket launch for the Everdome interplanetary metaverse project has been slated for 30th November 2022.

Nov 6, 2022
by Anvi Saini
Everdome Announces the Maiden Rocket Launch; Here's everything you need to Know

Everdome is an ongoing metaverse project with the potential to provide users with hyper-realistic graphics, narratives, and audio environments. It is now ready to embark on its first interplanetary voyage, with Mars' Jezero Crater as its final destination.

Details of the Everdome's Metaverse Rocket Project

To begin, the Tier-1 Evernauts, the first adopters, will leave from the Hatta Spaceport in the United Arab Emirates for the rocket launch. The event will also be broadcast live on Everdome's YouTube channel. Notably, the launch will start from a spaceport in the UAE's magnificent Hatta Spaceport to their interplanetary spacecraft, the "Everdome Cycler." From there, the adopters will move to a new base for civilization on Mars. 

During the rocket launch phase, Everdome's early supporters and adopters would leave the Hatta Spaceport on Everdome Phoenix (EVR Phoenix). Basically, EVR Phoenix is a spacecraft design based on feasible technologies developed with the metaverse project's space scientist partners.

Overall, the metaverse project aims to showcase the full potential of the metaverse experiences for Web2 and Web3 users. To get the first interplanetary metaverse population to their new home on Mars, the Everdome Phoenix will go to Earth's lower orbit, where it will dock with the massive Everdome Cycler, an interplanetary spacecraft measuring 3 km in length. 

Currently, NASA's space missions will occur at Jezero Crater, where Everdome's metropolis on Mars is located. When the Evernauts reach the city, they will be treated to various plots and activities, including exploration, amusement, education, and commerce.

The city's territory is divided into six neighbourhoods, each of which provides unique opportunities for: 

  • affiliated brands, 
  • companies, 
  • personalities, and 
  • people 

Furthermore, the team will connect with established and potential new audiences in ways that were not feasible within the limitations of Web2. The Everdome experience is based on cutting-edge technology. Not only this but it features hyper-realistic images designed by conceptual artists, compelling narratives, and original music and sound design by musicians.

This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for anyone interested in web3.

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