Fableborne Introduces an Eligibility Checker for Primordial Essence

Players can now check their eligibility status, with the first Primordial Essence airdrop coming up on November 15th.

Nov 2, 2023
by Akira Ming
Fableborne Introduces an Eligibility Checker for Primordial Essence

To streamline the process of earning Primordial Essence, blockchain RPG Fableborne has unveiled an Eligibility Checker for players. This new tool is poised to simplify the journey of Primordial holders as they aim to unlock exclusive rewards and enhance their NFT ownership. 

The Eligibility Checker is now live, and starting on November 6th, it will begin counting the holding period for Primordial Essence. This approach ensures that all interested players have ample time to set up their Pixion ID and confirm their eligibility.

To make the most of this new tool, here's a quick guide on how to use it:

Key Points to Remember

  • The longer you hold onto your Fableborne NFTs, the more Primordial Essence you accumulate.
  • Each Pixion ID can be linked to only one wallet. Ensure it's the wallet containing your Primordials.

How to get your Primordial Essence

Step 1: To qualify for Primordial Essence's airdrop on November 15th, you must be a Primordial NFT Holder. If you haven't done so yet, register as one on the Fableborne website.

Step 2: Register a Pixion ID by visiting https://fableborne.com/ and signing up.

Step 3: Link Your Wallet - After registration, link the wallet holding your Primordial NFTs to your Pixion ID. Not linking your wallet means missing out on the airdrop. 

How to Use the Eligibility Checker:

  1. Log in to fableborne.com.
  2. Click on the "Airdrop Check" button.
  3. Your eligibility status will be displayed.

More About Primordial Essence

Primordial Essence is a core component of the Fableborne game, tailored for their upcoming marketplace in late 2023. This off-chain virtual currency allows users to unlock and acquire exclusive rewards, elevating their NFT ownership. The more Fableborne NFTs they hold, the more Primordial Essence they get. Also, players will gain more Essence the longer they hold onto their NFTs. 

This new token also brings a unique layer of engagement. It can be used for purchasing Artifact Chests, and if players manage to collect all eight artifacts, they'll gain access to a special NFT.

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