Fabwelt Gears Up for Arsenal 2.0 in Early November

Arsenal 2.0 promises an immersive gameplay experience, introducing Weapon NFTs, customizable maps, and more.

Oct 19, 2023
by Akira Ming
Fabwelt Gears Up for Arsenal 2.0 in Early November

The Fabwelt gaming ecosystem is launching Arsenal 2.0 on November 3rd. The 3D first-person shooter will bring exciting additions that reshape how gamers perceive online play:

Weapon NFTs: The Future of Arsenal Collection 

To begin, generic weapons will be replaced with Weapon NFTs, which are tradeable on the blockchain. These aren't mere in-game assets, as according to Fabwelt, they're unique, valuable commodities that you can leverage across different gameplay.

Customizer NFTs: Flaunt Your Style 

What's more, Fabwelt has introduced Customizer NFTs, which allow you to personalize your in-game weapons. The unique look isn't just for show; it's a distinct NFT that allows players to display their individuality. 

WalletConnect 2.0: Effortless Integration 

Linking your preferred Wallet App to Arsenal is now a breeze with WalletConnect 2.0. A simplified process means quicker game access.

More Challenges, More Fun 

There are also daily missions that challenge players to earn more. Couple this with the new "Hangar" map and two fresh game modes, "Domination" and "Elimination," Arsenal 2.0 promises countless hours of diverse gameplay.

Revamped Features for a Seamless Experience 

The platform also brings an enhanced clan system to foster improved interaction among players. Various upgrades have been introduced, from smoother camera transitions to an efficient global room list. There's also a renewed focus on fair play, with a new reporting system to ensure a positive gaming experience.

Blockchain Integration at Its Finest 

Central to Arsenal's appeal is its deep Web3 integration. All in-game assets are blockchain collectibles that can be staked, gifted, or used as collateral for DeFi lending. Arsenal 2.0, according to Fabwelt, is more than just an update. It's a leap towards a future where NFTs and gaming intertwine seamlessly, offering an unmatched experience in Web3. 

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