Fancy Birds NFT Game is Set to Release 3 Major Updates Today

There are 3 major updates coming soon in Fancy Birds. Many of these changes will affect the gameplay significantly.

Jun 27, 2022
by Akira Ming
Fancy Birds NFT Game is Set to Release 3 Major Updates Today

What are the 3 major updates in Fancy Birds? 

FancyStudios' flagship NFT game, Fancy Birds is going to launch 3 major updates in the game today. These changes will affect the game notably, especially on how players earn FNC tokens afterward. According to Fancy devs, these changes will go live on June 27th, 16:00 UTC. So, let's take a closer look!

a. Fancy Birds will fly in F-Ray Mode

In this new game mode, a Fancy Bird that wears an F-Ray Goggles will be able to detect Golden Tree Logs during its flight. What happens is that when the bird crashes into these Golden Logs, the owner will have a 95% chance of winning a Golden Ticket. 

Each Golden Ticket will then provide 1 entry to the Golden Raffle, which will offer various prizes like crafting items, USDC ($1 - $250), and other goodies. At the end of the flight, players will get to unveil and claim the prizes they won in the raffle. 

However, each pair of F-Ray Goggles can only crash into a maximum of 3 Golden Logs per day. Coming at a price tag of 30 USDC each, players can buy these Goggles when the new feature goes live. 

b. Feed your birds some Fancy Seeds to earn FNC

Next, players will have to feed Fancy Seeds to their birds, in order to earn FNC tokens from quests. If they choose not to do so, they can still complete the quests but won't earn any FNC in return. 

Anyway, depending on the bird type, Fancy Seeds will keep the birds fed for different lengths of time. For instance, a Genesis Bird will get 9 days of energy from 1 Fancy Seed. Then, a Season 1 Bird will get 7 days of energy per seed, while a Season 2 Bird will get 5 days of energy per seed. When the number of days elapsed, players who want to earn FNC from quests will need to feed their birds with Fancy Seeds again. 

To give holders a head start in the game, the team will airdrop 1 Fancy Seed to each Fancy Bird holder. Upon launch, Fancy Seeds will be up for sale at 0.50 USDC each. 

c. Changes to in-game pricing

Lastly, there will be changes to some of the in-game expenses as well. The breeding cost will be priced in USDC as shown below: 

Breed 1: 10 USDC for each bird.
Breed 2: 15 USDC for each bird.
Breed 3: 20 USDC for each bird.
Breed 4: 25 USDC for each bird.

Besides that, tournament entry fees will vary from 0.35 USDC to 1.50 USDC or 2.50 USDC depending on the prize amount. And name changes will cost 5 USDC each. Nonetheless, players can choose to pay the fees at an equivalent price in sFNC or ETH. 

About Fancy Birds

Inspired by the global hit game Flappy Bird, Fancy Birds is a P2E NFT game that started from 8,888 randomly generated NFT birds. Created by FancyStudios, the game allows players to fly and breed NFT birdies to compete for FNC (Fancy Games) tokens. So far, the project had received support from notable backers such as YGG, Merit Circle, Illuvium, and more. 

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