Fancy Studios Unveils New Game, Fancy Hop, Along with FNC Earnings Update

With the launch of Fancy Hop, the team has also revised the quest structure among three Fancy Studios games.

Dec 20, 2022
by Akira Ming
Fancy Studios Unveils New Game, Fancy Hop, Along with FNC Earnings Update

Meet Fancy Hop - A new NFT game for all Fancy Bird players

Fancy Studios, the team behind Fancy Birds, has released a new platformer jumping game - Fancy Hop - for PC and mobile devices. The new title allows Fancy Birds to hop, jump, and climb the leaderboard, as well as earn FNC from in-game quests. 

As its name implies, the mission for your bird in Fancy Hop is pretty simple: To jump from one platform to another and climb the farthest it can without falling. On the way up, they will come across aliens and monsters and collect boosters, items, and power-ups to keep climbing. 

The higher you jump, the more you score. With each higher step, the difficulty increases. Players must also watch out for Meteorites and UFOs, in which the game will end if Fancy Birds collide with any of them.  

According to the team, power-ups from existing games will be transferred to Fancy Hop in the future with special mechanics designed for it. Like Fancy Birds, the new game also has 3 daily quests, 2 weekly quests, and a 7-day check-in quest that can be completed to earn FNC. 

Fancy Studios introduces new FNC earnings mechanic

As Fancy Hop launches, the team has also revised the earning structure among three Fancy Studios games. Players must play all three games (Fancy Birds, Fancy Birds: Sky Wars, and Fancy Hop) daily to earn the maximum number of Daily Quest FNC. 

According to the devs, the main reason for this change is to encourage players to explore different games in the Fancy universe. The new quest structure works as below:

  • Daily quests: There are 3 daily quests per day for Fancy Birds to earn 3 FNC each. The first quest is for Fancy Birds, the second is for Fancy Birds: Sky Wars, and the third is for Fancy Hop. Mutants will earn 4 FNC instead from each daily challenge. 
  • Weekly quests: There are 2 weekly quests for each bird, which pay out 3 FNC each. Similarly, Mutants will earn 4 FNC from each weekly challenge. 
  • Daily Check-In: Each check-in grants 1 FNC per day to each bird. However, players can only claim their rewards upon completing all 7 daily check-ins. A check-in can be done by scoring at least 1 point.

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