Fancybirds Set to Introduce Golden Raffle and Crafting in Gameplay

Fancybirds has announced the upcoming introduction of new game features that will unlock creative survival powers, thereby adding another layer of excitement to the game.

Jul 18, 2022
by Michael
Fancybirds Set to Introduce Golden Raffle and Crafting in Gameplay

Fancybirds has announced that it will soon include Golden Raffle and Crafting into its gameplay to bring more fun to the game’s Treehouse.

In a post, Fancybirds wrote, 

“We have heard a lot of chirping and noticed our fanciful birds have been busy flying and scouting the Fancyverse with their hot new F-Ray Goggles. So now those resources and Golden Tickets can be put to use!”

Golden Raffle

For the Golden Raffle gameplay, players need a Golden Ticket to qualify, giving players 75% chance of winning from any of the following prizes:

  • Gum (craftable resource — common)
  • Stick (craftable resource — common)
  • Fiber (craftable resource — uncommon)
  • Wire (craftable resource — rare)
  • Memory Card (power-up — rare)
  • Sturdy Wood Shield (power-up — rare)
  • 1.50 USDC (uncommon)
  • 5.00 USDC (rare)
  • 250 USDC (very rare)

Mass play is also possible if players have a large collection of tickets. The collected prizes will be automatically sent to the wallet.


Crafting is the other part of the new gameplay, and it allows players to craft items and other fancy things with in-game benefits from crude resources. They can purchase the first release of the craftable items directly from the Fancy Marketplace.

Players must ensure that the required resources are in their inventory to craft any item. When that is confirmed, they can initiate the process, which will automatically be executed.

However, not all craft attempts are successful. The probability of successful crafting is 90%. 9% may not be successful, and players will lose all their items in the process. for the remaining 1%, the process may not be a success, but the items will be returned to the players.

The game also has seven new items – five of which are craftable, and two can only be purchased from the Marketplace. They include Feeble Stick Shield, Sturdy Wood Shield, Guardians Shield, Slingshot, Memory Card, Potion and Magic Potion.  

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