FantaVerse, The Monster Killing Play-to-Earn Game is Out with its Beta Version

FanteVerse’ Bera version is now up and running. Anyone can download the game on a PC and start playing the beta version.

Aug 27, 2022
by Anvi Saini
FantaVerse, The Monster Killing Play-to-Earn Game is Out with its Beta Version

In addition to the game, there are several other elements involved in the FantaVerse space, including NFTs, Weapons, Armor, etc. It’s a story-based game running along the lines of the metaverse. 

Quick Insights About the FantaVerse Beta

Besides downloading and playing the game, the users can explore the NFTs at the @Fantaverse NFT display gallery. By getting a Terran NFT, the users can also receive a gift in the form of an Elite Weapon and Armor. The players will fight monsters and earn rewards by defeating them in the game. 

Completing more tasks and objects with the in-game characters, armor, and weapons will be rewarded with UT. The players can also equip the NFTs they have bought along with other weapons and armor. 

To play the game, users have to buy TerranNFT. FantaVerse allows guest NFTs to come into the universe, but they can only interact with the elements after buying TerranNFT. 

Fight Monsters, Earn Rewards, and Save the Planet

The FantaVerse is a story-based game where the players have the task of protecting the planet (Meta Earth) from monsters. In the game, monsters have already landed, and it’s the duty of the players to find and kill them all. 

After buying Terran NFT, the players will get free ELITE class weapons and armor. This will be useful in fighting the monsters and protecting oneself. Killing monsters will help the users earn Utility Tokens (UT). 

The monsters have levels as well. The complexity of killing the monsters increases proportionately to the level. However, the rewards earned also increase with the same level. The players can also see specific tasks. As the players complete the tasks, they will receive rewards. 

In addition to small but important updates, the TerranNFT owners can equip their teams with pistols and armors. More of the weapons and armor will be available within the game as it gets updated. 

The development team has also added NPC (Non-Player Characters) to the FantaVerse. Players can now interact and talk with the NPCs. Also, a Karaoke TV (KTV) is also available, meant for entertainment and socializing. 

About FantaVerse

FantaVerse is a metaverse-inspired 3D gaming ecosystem. The Play-to-Earn game rewards players for killing foes and making contributions to the game ecosystem. Recently, FantaVerse’s Beta version has come to live, and more updates will follow soon as the game progresses. 

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