Faraland Is Starting the ‘All About Flash’ Tournament on October 2nd

The ‘All About Flash’ PvP tournament is starting on October 2nd and will end on October 5th at 8 AM UTC, giving Faraland players a chance to compete for daily leaderboard rewards.

Oct 1, 2023
by Dragan
Faraland Is Starting the ‘All About Flash’ Tournament on October 2nd

The Faraland team is kicking off the ‘All About Flash’ tournament on October 2nd at 8 AM UTC, giving players some competition to enjoy during the week.

All About Flash Tournament Details

The competition will start on October 2nd at 8 AM and end on October 5th at 8 AM UTC. On the start date, the developers will reset the rank system in order to properly begin, with a player’s ELO base being 2000. Players will participate in the tournament by playing in specified timeframes of the day. According to the guidelines, those windows are from 0h – 8h – 12h – 16h UTC. How much ELO you gain from winning a match depends the ELO difference between you and the opponent. The same applies for when losing ELO. The team has also stated that every new tournament from now on will feature a system that auto-deducts 50 ELO to accounts with an ELO under 2000 every day for not playing any match that day.

After playing 20 PvP matches, and depending on the player’s position, the leaderboard is divided into pools, with all players getting a specific number of bots to play with, with the bots resetting at 0h UTC every day. Pools seem to represent certain ranges on the leaderboard, e.g. top 10, top 11-30, and so on. You’re matched with a bot if it takes longer than 40 seconds to find a match, and they’ll only appear in the previously mentioned timeframes. 

In order to participate, it’s important that you join a guild before the tournament starts, as if you don’t, the team states that if someone “violates this rule, their ELO will be reset to 2000.” You also need to have an account with 3 heroes in order to be matched against other players, while accounts with 1 or 2 heroes are automatically matched with bots, with a limit of 5 bots per day. For those who want to be eligible for the top 10 reward, it seems you’ll need to have played at least 20 PvP matches in the current season.

Tournament Prizes

By ranking in the top 10 by the end of the tournament, you’ll be awarded with 200 $FARA tokens. Next to that, there are also daily leaderboard rewards for the top 10. This means that if you hold your position in the top 10, you could earn the following:

  • 1st: 3 Charm + 1 Rotten Meat + 3 Rattler Tongue + 3 Ox Horn
  • Top 2: 2 Charm + 1 Rotten Meat + 2 Rattler Tongue + 2 Ox Horn
  • Top 3: 1 Charm + 1 Chaos Oculus + 1 Rattler Tongue + 1 Ox Horn
  • Top 4-5: 1 Charm + 1 Chaos Core + 3 Wolf Fang + 3 Shaman Eye
  • Top 6-10: 1 Charm + 1 Arcane Dust + 2 Wolf Fang + 2 Shaman Eye

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