Faraland Launches the Artisan Blacksmith’s Race

The Artisan Blacksmith’s Race is a competition in which Faraland players use the new crafting feature to be the fastest to create rare items for a chance at being one of the top 4 players to win prizes.

Oct 19, 2023
by Dragan
Faraland Launches the Artisan Blacksmith’s Race

The developers of Faraland, a fantasy NFT RPG game on the BNB Chain, have officially launched the Artisan Blacksmith’s Race.

What Is the Artisan Blacksmith’s Race?

The Artisan Blacksmith’s Race is a new competition that started on October 19th at 8 AM UTC and will end on October 24th at 8 AM UTC. It is geared towards “skilled and passionate crafters,” as the goal is to create rare items using a unique feature of the new Artisan Blacksmith ability. Using the feature and taking part in this competitive race to forge a valuable item as quick as possible requires completing 4 steps for a chance at winning rewards.

According to the rules, participants must retweet a post that announced the release of the new crafting feature. After that, entrants can use the crafting feature by heading to the relevant section on the game’s official website, with the 3rd step stating to record when you’ve completed the “Artisan Blacksmith Bar.” Last but not least, participants are also told to send the video to the game’s official Facebook page, leaving your Discord name, BEP20 wallet address, as well as the date and time in your message.

What Are the Rewards?

By participating in this event, the top 4 players have a chance at earning the following rewards by being the fastest to complete all the steps:

  1. Top Bar Epic: 1200 FARA + Crafting Fee
  2. Top Bar Rare: 1000 FARA + Crafting Fee
  3. Top Bar Uncommon: 800 FARA + Crafting Fee
  4. Top Bar Common: 500 FARA + Crafting Fee

The first person to send a valid video while following the steps accordingly “is the winner of each Bar.” 

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