FEVR Battle Arena is Set to Release its Pre-Season on 12th January

The much-awaited football trading game FEVR Battle Arena is launching its beta version on Jan 12th, 2022. According to the creators, the game has several game modes and an engaging overall user experience.

Jan 10, 2023
by Anvi Saini
FEVR Battle Arena is Set to Release its Pre-Season on 12th January

How to Participate and Play

As per the medium post, to begin playing the FEVR Battle Arena Pre-Season, you must first download the game from your browser. In addition, players must ensure that their Web3 wallet is linked to the game website to download the game. Further, after downloading the game, you must authenticate in-game using your login code. 

Deck Creation

After entering your login code, you will be sent to the main game menu. You must first design your deck by clicking on "Decks" before you can start any game mode.

According to the latest announcement, there are 50 moments in each deck. Players can either buy moments from the RealFevr marketplace or utilize Grey moments. Making hybrid decks out of free Grey moments and paid moments is also possible. Grey moments are free-to-play game assets anybody may use to start their FEVR Battle Arena adventure. 

Players must make their strategy and determine what kind of deck they want to build. When a player adds moments to their first deck, they will notice their "Deck Power" gradually increasing. The higher the rarity of the moments in your deck, the greater the Deck's Power.

FEVR Battle Arena Pre-Season will have four game modes which are: 

  • Practice (PVE)
  • Free For All (PVP)
  • Lisbon Arena (PVP)
  • Miami Arena (PVP)

 FEVR Battle Arena Will Keep Evolving

The pre-season launch of FEVR Battle Arena will not be the game's final version. From season to season, players may anticipate fresh upgrades and updates, as well as ongoing bug fixes and mechanism adaptation/other advancements. The process of refining the game day by day will be an everlasting path to excellence.

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