Fractal Now Accepts Traditional Payment Methods for Cryptocurrency Purchases

Fractal Wallet now permits users to purchase cryptocurrencies using traditional payment methods. The company has collaborated with Stripe to provide the most convenient and safe cryptocurrency purchasing experience to users.

Dec 8, 2022
by Anvi Saini
Fractal Now Accepts Traditional Payment Methods for Cryptocurrency Purchases

In August, the business also made it possible for gamers to buy NFT using credit cards.

In terms of transaction limits, you may buy up to $1,000 in cryptocurrency every week. Meanwhile, Fractal is working with Stripe to increase the weekly limit in the upcoming weeks. Processing fees for blockchain transactions will range from 1.00 to 3.50%, depending on the transaction size and payment method. There will be a 2% conversion cost and a gas fee.

Fractal Facilitates Web3 Onboarding

Fractal creates user-friendly blockchain solutions for gamers to integrate into Web3 games. Using Credit Cards, Debit Cards, and ACH to make purchases in Fractal Wallet would help players through the initial phase of their Web3 game onboarding experience. There is no longer any need to visit exchanges such as Coinbase to purchase cryptocurrencies.

How does Buying Cryptocurrency inside Fractal Wallet Work?

Log in to the Fractal wallet system, then choose the kind and quantity of crypto you want to buy. 

Confirm your identification, and your Fractal wallet will be promptly topped up. Your Fractal wallet account enables you to keep your information so that your future transaction is simple. 

Stripe is the payment processor for all Link accounts. Moreover, Fractal will continue to partner with Stripe in upcoming months to expand the amount of cryptocurrency you may buy, the locations from which you can buy, and the weekly transaction cap. 

Traditional payment options are currently only accessible to US citizens, with the exception of Hawaii residents. Furthermore, residents of New York will be allowed to buy just USDC (ETH) and ETH via traditional payment methods.

About Fractal

Fractal is an open NFT marketplace where you may purchase, find, and sell NFTs. It contributes to developing an ecosystem in which game developers offer NFT drops and in-game assets as NFTs for users to purchase. Players may look for NFTs, purchase them, and resell them.

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