Gabby World Announces Beta Season 2 Is Launching on October 23rd on Manta Pacific

Gabby World Beta Season 2 is set to officially start on October 23rd at 12 PM UTC and will end on November 23rd at 12 PM UTC, during which players can compete for various prizes.

Oct 21, 2023
by Dragan
Gabby World Announces Beta Season 2 Is Launching on October 23rd on Manta Pacific

The developers of Gabby World, an AI-generated autonomous world, have officially announced Beta Season 2 in partnership with Manta Network as part of the MantaFest, a 5-week event celebrating the launch of Manta Pacific, described as a modular Layer 2 with “ZK-as-a-Service.”

Gabby World Beta Season 2 Details

The second Beta Season is set to kick off on October 23rd at 12 PM UTC and end on November 23rd at 12 PM UTC.

During this testing period, players will get to compete against each other by making creative ideas using natural language prompts. With these prompts, you can define land, create experiences, and raise your Gabby into the AI character that you want, adding various traits while sending on adventures to earn active prompt rewards. 

You’ll start off with 5 prompts you can use to form your AI-generated character referred to as Gabby. Once you’ve done that, you can send your character to explore the world, choosing either a specific place on the map, or letting it randomly traverse the lands. After a few hours of exploration, your Gabby will come back and give you an AI-generated story about the adventure it went on. Various factors will determine whether you can collect this experience as a trophy or not.

Next to this, players can also earn prompts by becoming a creator of experiences. Choose any part of the map to create an experience using a prompt, out of which a plot is generated.

Leaderboard Rewards

There are various leaderboards to compete in for this second season. They include:

  • Most Adventurous Gabbies
  • Most Successful Gabbies
  • Most Popular Experiences
  • Most Challenging Experiences
  • Most Active Creators
  • Most Popular Lands

As Gabby World is a part of the Manta Pacific ecosystem, it is qualified as one of the projects to receive Manta tokens as part of the MantaFest. In the announcement, the team has promised to give 50% of the tokens they’ve received “to all participants.” Next to this, there are also various test rewards, which include the following:

  • Gabby Centrepiece NFT*70 (Detail TBA)
  • Cyber token*150
  • Gameta $HIP HOP package*50
  • USDT * 700

Based on the official post from the developers, one of the grand final prizes for players at the top of the previously-mentioned leaderboards includes the Gabby Centerpiece NFT, with more details on the reward schedule available in the official blog post.

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