Gala Games Mystery Box Sale: A Chance to Own Rare NFTs

Gala Games is launching a 'Mystery Box' sale, offering a variety of NFTs from their game portfolio. This move is part of their transition to their own GYRI chain.

Aug 19, 2023
by Anvi Saini
Gala Games Mystery Box Sale: A Chance to Own Rare NFTs

Gala Games' Transition to GYRI Chain

Gala Games is making significant strides in its migration to its own GYRI chain. As part of this transition, they have moved all their held NFTs and are now set to distribute many of these through a unique 'Mystery Box' sale.

Mystery Box Sale Details

  • Variety: The sale will feature five different rarities of Mystery Boxes: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond.
  • Pricing: Prices range from $19 for a Bronze Box to $999 for a Diamond Box.
  • Contents: Each box will contain three items. These items will be a mix of NFTs from various Gala games, including The Walking Dead: Empires, Superior, Echoes of Empire, Town Star, Last Expedition, Legacy, and Meow Match. Noteworthy items include an Ancient rarity Daryl for Walking Dead, Epic Celestial Claims for Echoes of Empire, and Ancient Primal Ravagers for Last Expedition.
  • Additional Items: Not all contents are NFTs. Some boxes will contain chests with SILK or GALA tokens. Gala has ensured a diverse mix, so no single game dominates a box's contents, and each Mystery Box will contain at least one NFT.
  • Charts: Gala has provided charts detailing the potential contents of each rarity level of Mystery Box and the odds of receiving various rewards.

Mirandus, an upcoming fantasy MMO, is not included in this Mystery Box sale. However, it's anticipated that Mirandus will have its exclusive Mystery Box sale soon. The exact date for the Gala Games Mystery Box sale remains undisclosed, but it's rumored to be before the end of August.

About Gala Games

Gala Games is a blockchain ecosystem designed for web3 games, including in-house games and partnerships with other developers. Their game portfolio includes Spider Tanks, Mirandus, Superior, Town Star, and more. They've also acquired Ember Entertainment to expand into the mobile gaming market. Beyond gaming, Gala Games has ventured into NFT-based Music and Film distribution. Their long-term vision is to integrate their entire ecosystem into the GYRI blockchain.

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