Gala Games Unveils Info On Eternal Paradox Mercenaries

Eternal Paradox, an exploration and adventure game recently shared different ways to level up your Mercenaries so they can battle for you all around Elysium.

Sep 22, 2022
by Anvi Saini
Gala Games Unveils Info On Eternal Paradox Mercenaries

About Mercenary - The Ultimate Power

The Eternal Paradox revolves around Mercenaries. They can be used to fight off enemies, defend allies, and explore the world of Elysium. 

Overall, Mercenaries could be utilized to explore the Elysium, fight enemies, and strengthen friends in combat.

Players can also use the Mercenaries to explore the country before attacking other bases for glory. A single player may control various Eternal Paradox Mercenaries. 

Mercenaries protect their own castle and may participate in duties such as arena combat that are only accessible via the fortress.

Ways to enhance and upgrade your Mercenary 

As you play with mercenaries, they develop their skills in a number of different ways. All of the elements listed below are paths to an increase in Mercenary power, but you can choose how to prioritize your training to develop their skills.

  • Elite Training; Your Mercenaries' stats have a direct impact on their skills. As the Leadership stat increases, a Mercenary can lead more forces in field fights. This would imply a greater combat force on Elysium's several battlefields.
  • Level up; You can gain mercenary experience by taking part in events or hunting monsters. With this experience, all of your mercenaries can level up.
  • Equipment; Each Mercenary has 6 slots for equipment. Every piece of equipment includes stats and benefits that are unique to its slot. Finding and crafting more powerful gear and deciding how to combine the most effective bonuses for your playstyle refine your Mercenaries' abilities to make them the most successful they can be.
  • Skills; The skill set for mercenaries is divided into two categories: field battle skills and mercenary skills. Furthermore, each skill level is achieved by meeting a number of requirements, including collecting a certain amount of a specific resource per level of that skill. The maximum level of any skill is eight.  Since each Mercenary's skill set is unique, as these skills level up, they will specialize more and more in their specific area of strength in order to stand out from the pack.
  • Specialize and Personalise; How you handle Mercenary upgrades will determine how you specialise and what sorts of gameplay your commanders are most suited to.

What exactly is the Eternal Paradox game?

Eternal Paradox is a blockchain 4X hybrid strategy game in which players explore the world, build castles, defend territories, and train Mercenaries. The game has been developed by NDream studios, a Korean game development company, and is published by Gala Games. It is built around four main gameplay mechanics: Explore, Exploit, Expand, and Exterminate.

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