Gala Games' Web3 Title Superior is Launching on Steam: Is Steam Finally Accepting NFT Games?

Superior, an NFT shooter game based on Gala Games is going live on Steam this year. Does it mean that Steam is finally accepting blockchain titles? How does it help in terms of Web3 gaming adoption? Read on to find out more.

Oct 20, 2022
by Akira Ming
Gala Games' Web3 Title Superior is Launching on Steam: Is Steam Finally Accepting NFT Games?

Gala Games' Superior is debuting on Steam in late 2022

On October 17th, Gala Games announced that it is launching its AAA blockchain title Superior on Steam in Q4 2022. Many people, especially those in the Web3 gaming space, were certainly caught by surprise. After all, Steam has been well-known for its anti-NFT stance since 2021. Has the online gaming platform finally opened up to blockchain games? How does it help in terms of Web3 gaming adoption? Let's find out more. 

A year ago, on October 15th, 2021, the world's largest gaming platform, Steam, quietly banned the use of blockchain games and NFTs on its platform. Valve Corporation, the parent company of Steam, updated the Steamworks onboarding policy to include blockchain applications as prohibited content. This includes any video games that allow the exchange of cryptocurrencies and NFTs. 

However, based on the latest update, it seems that Steam is not ready to embrace blockchain gaming. NFTs are still banned according to its policy, and Drifter Entertainment, the creator of Superior, has confirmed that a Steam version of Superior will not support NFTs or any other blockchain technology. 

Even so, the roguelite shooter game will be a cross-play title, allowing players to cross-play between different launchers. Drifter explained in a FAQ section that the Steam edition would be essentially the same as the game's Web3 counterpart - thus, it would receive the same updates, featuring the same gameplay. 

It's unclear whether the roguelite shooter will be free to play on Steam, as the company is still finalizing its pricing model for Early Access and beyond. Interested players can always Wishlist the game to stay informed on its release. 

More about Gala Games and its upcoming title Superior

For a start, Gala Games is a blockchain gaming platform that hosts multiple series of play-and-earn titles allowing players to earn crypto and NFTs through gameplay. Superior, on the other hand, is an exciting Web3 game added to the Gala ecosystem this year. 

Built by Drifter Environment, Superior is a three-person co-op roguelite shooter where players must hunt and kill twisted superheroes. If they manage to kill one of those evil abominations, players can take their powers through a disgusting but delightful operation called Juice extraction. One thing's for sure, players will take part in a lot of killing, a lot of dying, and a lot of upgrading throughout the game. As players steal more powers and upgrade their skills, it will be easier for them to take out mega bosses. 

With a compelling storyline and well-designed characters, Superior has been hailed by many Web3 gamers as a promising AAA blockchain title in the making. In the recent closed Alpha playtest, thousands of players had the chance to experience its intense but yet smooth gameplay while witnessing the incredible graphics of Superior.

The co-op game is based on the Ethereum network, set to launch with a full series of NFT weapons and characters. For now, all three main characters in Superior: Ronin, Nomad, and Murmur, are available as Prime avatars in the form of NFTs on OpenSea and Gala Games. Each has a unique playstyle and comes in five different rarities with the following perks: 

  • Uncommon - The owner gets bonus Credits per room.  
  • Rare - The owner gets weapon discounts at the weapon kiosk. 
  • Epic - Provides bonus Health and Armor from Health and Armor booster kits. 
  • Legendary - Provides bonus Damage Scale per room. 
  • Ancient - The owner gets Kiosk Rerolls for the run. 

Though NFT holders are more likely to gain an edge over other players, anyone can access Superior without owning an NFT. According to Gala, the game will be playable on Windows PC before it's available on other platforms like Mac and Linux. The Web3 and Steam versions of Superior are expected to go live in late 2022. 

Blockchain games are going mainstream

While many traditional gamers haven't warmed up to NFT games, a few big names in the industry have started embracing blockchain gaming. For instance, Epic Games recently listed blockchain MMO Blankos Block Party on its storefront. The move came after Gala's battle royale GRIT became the first NFT title to be listed on Epic Games. 

Not to mention that Bandai Namco, SEGA, Square Enix, BoomBit, and Com2uS are some of the mainstream developers reportedly increasing their exposure to Web3 gaming. Even though Steam is not open to such games, allowing Web3 firms like Gala to list their creations (albeit non-NFT supported) on the platform is a great way to introduce crypto gaming to the masses. 

Above all, there are 120 million monthly users on Steam. Capturing the attention of these gamers will be vital in the mass adoption of blockchain gaming. The question is, how?

Based on a survey by Web3 entertainment company Coda Labs, only 15% of non-crypto gamers are interested in trying out Web3 games. Many respondents cited practical barriers such as not knowing how blockchain games work or how to set up a crypto wallet, for that matter. Other reasons include many gamers perceive crypto games as cash grabs that require expensive NFTs. 

Kevin Shao, the executive president of the Asia Blockchain Gaming Alliance, told Cointelegraph previously that the focus on the play-to-earn (P2E) and NFTs aspect of blockchain games is the reason why GameFi has a long way to go in terms of mainstream adoption. Many also tend to view P2E games as a scam, especially when the in-game economy is unsustainable and crashes due to massive value extraction. 

From the feedback above, it seems that having a fun, intuitive game with a low cost of entry is the first step for Web3 games to achieve widespread adoption. Coupled with the shift to Play-And-Earn, instead of Play-To-Earn, GameFi projects will have a better chance of attracting users genuinely interested in the game. Of course, with blockchain gaming still in its infancy, it remains to be seen how Web3 games will evolve and become widely accepted in society. 

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