Galaxy Throne Teases Diplomacy Feature

The diplomacy feature is coming to the first beta version of Galaxy Throne and will make it possible for players to make various tactical peace deals instead of relying purely on combat, adding strategic depth to the gameplay of the sci-fi on-chain title.

Oct 11, 2023
by Dragan
Galaxy Throne Teases Diplomacy Feature

The team behind the fully on-chain sci-fi strategy game, Galaxy Throne, have given a sneak peek of diplomacy, a new feature coming out in the game’s first beta release.

What Is the Diplomacy Feature?

The diplomacy feature adds another element to the strategic title, one that hasn’t so far been present next to the current military-focused aspects. It makes it possible to negotiate your way through achieving your goals instead of relying purely on sheer force, meaning that in the game’s first beta release, players will have the option to form various types of peace deals. This could help in saving resources in order to put them to use elsewhere, such as against a genuine enemy. 

Peace Deals

When negotiating peace deals, you won’t be just making “simple ceasefires” as the announcement reveals, but the deal could involve various conditions that may or may not work in your favor. They could include giving resources, making and upholding promises, as well as involving “even the future of your galaxy.” This means that one of the conditions a peace deal could feature may require one side to provide the other with a certain resource for a specific duration of the peace period.

When a deal is made, it is unbreakable for its duration, allowing players to tactically make their moves without worrying about any part of the deal suddenly changing midway.

Non-Aggression Pacts

With the upcoming feature, neighboring empires can form friendly pacts in order to make sure no surprise attack happens from your neighbor during a certain time period in which you’re focused on doing something else. 

Strategic Manipulation

Whether you’ll want to use diplomacy for genuine cooperation or for a way to easily manipulate your way to reaching your goals is up to you, as the new feature will open up many new ways to show your dominance, with players able to make deals such as guaranteeing safe passage or more sinister ones such as having weaker sides pay you to not destroy them, and so on.

The beta version of Galaxy Throne is set to launch on November 21st, and everyone interested can sign up through a form linked in the game’s official website.

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