Gen-Zero: The Next Generation of MonkeyLeague

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Jul 14, 2023
by Anvi Saini
Gen-Zero: The Next Generation of MonkeyLeague

As the next Version release draws closer, more surprises and benefits are being unveiled for the most loyal MonkeyFans. For the first time, Gen Zero holders will enjoy a set of initial benefits attached to their status as holders.

In January of the previous year, MonkeyLeague introduced the first generation of MonkeyAthlete NFTs, also known as Gen Zero, to the world via Magic Eden. These NFTs not only marked the initial wave of NFTs representing MonkeyLeague but have now become special in more ways than just their release date.

Holders of Gen Zero Monkeys are referred to as MonkeyPioneers. These individuals are not only early adopters and dedicated supporters of the game but also highly valued members of the MonkeyLeague community. The MonkeyPioneers are about to be rewarded even more for their loyalty and contribution. Gen Zero Monkeys will soon offer benefits and abilities that go beyond being unique NFTs for bragging rights or use within MonkeyLeague.

Planned Benefits for Gen Zero MonkeyAthletes:

Gen Zero MonkeyAthletes are more than just collectibles; they also offer significant utility in the MonkeyLeague ecosystem. They enable players to build teams, compete, and level up. Additionally, they automatically grant the holders the esteemed status of MonkeyPioneers, opening the doors to new rewards and benefits. These benefits will continue to grow and expand as the MonkeyLeague community flourishes, features evolve, and the ecosystem progresses.

Here are some of the initial foundation benefits planned for Gen Zero MonkeyAthlete NFT holders:

  1. Unlock Gated Features: Gain exclusive and early access to future game versions, game modes, environments, and web3 features.
  2. Gated $SCORE Pool: When the ecosystem token, $SCORE, launches, Gen Zero Holders will have an exclusive allocation reserved for them.
  3. Periodic Airdrops: Enjoy airdrops of Energy and other goodies simply for being a Gen Zero Monkey holder.
  4. Increased Breeding Cap: Gen Zero Monkeys will have an increased breeding cap of up to 6 breeds, allowing holders to expand and diversify their teams.
  5. Higher Daily Energy Supply: Gen Zero holders will receive more daily free Energy, and holding more Monkeys will bring additional Energy (currently capped at 6 Monkeys).
  6. Gen Zero-only Events & Tournaments: Engage in exclusive prize-filled tournaments and be part of virtual and real-world events specifically tailored for Gen Zero holders.
  7. First Access to Events: Gen Zero holders will enjoy early access to drops, collaboration events, and more.

And that's just the beginning! As MonkeyLeague continues its development journey to become the leading esports gaming title in the Web3 world, the benefits for Gen Zero Monkey holders will continue to evolve and expand.

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