Genopets App Gets Major Update with Multiplayer Features and More

Genopets has unleashed a game-changing update. It introduces multiplayer mode, allowing real-time player battles and cooperation in quests.

Sep 7, 2023
by Michael
Genopets App Gets Major Update with Multiplayer Features and More

Genopets, a leading NFT-based move-to-earn game, has just unveiled a substantial app update that promises to revolutionize the player experience. With this major update, Genopets introduces an array of exciting new features, including multiplayer mode, breeding, and quests.

Multiplayer Mode

The inclusion of a multiplayer mode is a game-changer for Genopets. It allows players to engage with each other in real-time battles, races, and quests. This dynamic interaction between players adds a whole new layer of excitement and competition to the game. Whether you're challenging a friend to a race or teaming up with fellow players to tackle challenging quests, the multiplayer mode opens up a world of possibilities for Genopets enthusiasts.


Breeding is another exciting addition to the Genopets universe. This feature empowers players to create entirely new Genopets by merging two existing ones. The offspring inherit traits from both parent Genopets, resulting in a diverse and unique array of creatures. This feature not only adds depth to the gameplay but also encourages players to explore different breeding combinations to discover rare and powerful Genopets.


Quests are an integral part of the Genopets update. These quests present players with a series of challenges to overcome within the game. Successfully completing quests yields valuable rewards, such as XP, Kin (the in-game currency), and, of course, new Genopets. Quests serve as an engaging way for players to level up their Genopets, earn resources, and explore the game world in a more structured and rewarding manner.

Additional Enhancements

Alongside these headline features, the Genopets update also brings several other improvements to the game. These include a revamped user interface, a comprehensive tutorial to help new players get started, and various bug fixes to enhance overall gameplay stability. These enhancements collectively ensure that players have a smoother and more enjoyable gaming experience.

In conclusion, the latest Genopets app update marks a significant milestone in the game's evolution. With the introduction of multiplayer mode, breeding mechanics, and quests, Genopets becomes a more immersive, social, and rewarding gaming experience.

This announcement follows series of update features in the Genopet ecosystem, such as the introduction of the augment, customize and boost feature alongside the addition of achievements and the introduction of Bitcoin Babies.

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