Genopets Introduces Friends Feature & More in App Update V0.8.1

In Genopets app update v0.8.1, players can now add each other using the new Friends social feature, while enjoying a better experience thanks to an overhauled Augmentations Screen, updated Pet Details Screen, and more.

Oct 1, 2023
by Dragan
Genopets Introduces Friends Feature & More in App Update V0.8.1

The developers of the fitness-based NFT game, Genopets, are back with a new app update, v0.8.1, in which they introduce the social Friends feature to the blockchain mobile title while redesigning the Augmentation Screen, overhauling the Account Page, and more.

What’s New in Genopets App Update V0.8.1?

In the latest app update, v0.8.1, Genopets players can now experience an improved Step Battles, which initially launched in alpha during September. With the latest version of the competitive feature, you can actually see the average amount of steps taken by all participating players before jumping into a battle, helping you better decide whether to join or not. Next to that, various bug fixes for the overall app have also been made in order to provide a smoother experience, while the Augmentation Screen has been redesigned and the Pet Details Screen has been updated to provide in-depth information on your pet. 

New Social Feature: Friends

Friends is a new social feature that, as the name implies, allows Genopets players to add each other as friends in the game, paving the way for a more social experience. You can choose to add friends from your contacts as well as search for other players in the game. It’s now possible to claim your username and customize your profile with your favorite photo. If you set up your username before this update, you’ll have to do it again, because the latest version has reset everyone’s names to random usernames. The developers have teased that these are just “the initial building blocks,” and that more interactive social features are on the way.

Augmentation Screen Overhaul

The new Augmentation Screen features a redesigned interface that aims to make it easier see your Genopet’s augmentations. It’s now clearer to see things such as active Augments, Set Bonuses, and as well as which Augments affect certain stats, giving you a better understanding of your pet while providing a visually improved interface.

New Pet Details Screen

With the updated Pet Details Screen, you can now quickly get accurate information on your Genopet, helping you better decide how to accordingly train your pet.

Account Page Redesign

Navigating your account is now simpler than ever thanks to an overhaul of the Account Page that makes it easy to view your badges and other details such as step history.

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