Genopets Introduces New Features to Make Gameplay More Rewarding

Genopets transforms gameplay with the introduction of achievements, crafting seasons, and the integration of Bitcoin Babies, setting a new precedent in the play-to-earn gaming sphere.

Jul 5, 2023
by Anvi Saini
Genopets Introduces New Features to Make Gameplay More Rewarding

Genopets Announces New Features: Achievements and Bitcoin Babies Integration

Genopets has officially launched a series of game-changing updates. The most notable of these include the addition of achievements and the introduction of Bitcoin Babies into the game.

Achievements in Genopets are categorized into two types: Milestones and Streaks. Milestones are awarded upon reaching a specific number of total steps. To ensure fair competition, the step count started from zero with the release of this update (app version 0.7.1). An extra incentive has also been added: the first player to earn the 'First Million Is The Hardest' achievement, presumably requiring 1 million steps, will win a Genesis Habitat.

Streaks, on the other hand, are awarded for banking steps on consecutive days. Players who achieve the 'Persistence is a Virtue' Streak badge by July 9th will receive a limited edition toy for their pet.

The other significant update is the integration of Bitcoin Babies into the game. These limited edition, Gold Genopets minted on the Bitcoin network are now playable in-game, marking the first use-case for a Bitcoin Ordinal collection.

Crafting Seasons and the Arrival of Season One

Genopets is also gearing up to introduce crafting seasons, where new crafts will be introduced each season while old ones are retired. The first season, set to commence on July 21st, promises a myriad of new elements.

Season one will introduce five new colour combinations for Genopet customization, along with 144 new Augments spread across sixteen styles. Two additional types of craftable items will also be introduced - energy boosts and textures. Energy boosts will provide a step bonus, while textures offer an additional layer of customization for Genopets.

Season one will also see the introduction of set bonuses. Players can earn these by equipping a full set of Augments from the same set. For instance, a full Jurassic set offers a speed boost to the player.

Of the current craftables, known as Season 0 items, 70% of the Augments and 53% of the cosmetics will be retired. Craftables are temporarily reduced from 100 KI tokens to 15, encouraging players to stock up within the three-week window.

In conclusion, the latest updates by Genopets, from the introduction of achievements and Bitcoin Babies integration to the announcement of crafting seasons, mark a significant leap forward in the play-to-earn gaming industry. By offering innovative features and enhanced gameplay experiences, Genopets continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in this space.

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