Genopets Release Roadmap On Augmentation

The roadmap includes Feeding, Petting, Playing, Banking Rewards, Mainframe Crafting, Item Trading, Recipe Hunting, and Augmentation.

Sep 10, 2022
by Michael
Genopets Release Roadmap On Augmentation

Genopet Roadmap

Genopets has shared details on the roadmap to Augmentation. Augmentation is a recent addition that will start functioning in phase 2 of the game; and it allows users to customize their pets, and it is the last milestone on the map. This map starts with Feeding, a process where owners feed their Genopets with nutritious snacks because they get hungry after work.

Next is Petting, where owners give good pets to show affection and love to their Genopets. Moving on is Playing, where owners play fetch with their characters using toys specially made for the Genoverse.

The next milestone is Banking Rewards, where Genopets keep the free food and pets they find when players take them on a walk. Mainframe Crafting allows owners to use Habitat's laboratory to create items such as Cosmetic Crystals, Augments, and Reagents to customize their Genopets.

The next milestone is Item Trading, a feature that allows players to list assets on Magic Eden for trading or earning. Next is Recipe Hunting. Players will search for the missing pages of Alkali's notebook in this milestone.

The final milestone is Augmentation, where players can customize the physical features of their Genopets, which will improve their battle stats and upgrade their rarity.

What is Genopets

Genopets is a blockchain-based game that uses NFT pet characters called Genopets. The game runs on the solana network and draws inspiration from other notable games like Tamagotchi, Pokémon, and Animal Crossing.

It also includes a move-to-earn feature where players can convert their real-life movement into game experience XP, which can be further used to evolve pets and trade them in the marketplace.

There are two tokens in the Genoverse: $KI and $GENE. $KI is the reward token essential in crafting Habitat and other items and allows players to participate in battles.

$GENE comes in handy in the Decentralized Autonomous Organization, where users vote based on the number of tokens.

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